Best Weekend EVER

10 years ago today, I flew from Kansas City to San Francisco and spent a weekend with someone I only knew through a friend and a month of email exchanges. That was the first of many weekends that changed my life. Nice to meet you, Greg ....more

Mandatory Happy Hour

Greg sent an IM to me this afternoon, saying he would be attending a mandatory happy hour at work at 4 PM. I quipped that “mandatory happy” is an oxymoron. He agreed, adding that he would die in traffic on the way home ....more

Daily sMiles

Miles and his brother Tater were reunited after 12+ months of not seeing each other. Miles on the left They seemed to remember each other and played as though they had never been separated....more

Santa Barbara Tri – Race Report

For the first time in four years, Greg and I competed in the Santa Barbara Triathlon this year. While I can’t admit to being gung-ho about the race, I love Santa Barbara and we have a bunch of friends there so I knew it would be a fun weekend. You’ll recall that we raced on June 16 and I pretty much stopped all tri training from there ....more

Labor Day Revisited

It was three short years ago that Greg and I turned our eyesore of a backyard into something beautiful and sustainable. Remember this? BEFORE We turned it into this: AFTER I am happy to report that this lawn has lived up to all of its promises and looks as beautiful today as it did three years ago ....more

Daily sMiles

This past weekend was the final training weekend before the Santa Barbara Triathlon. I put together a “mock tri” for myself. Since I’ve been making it up as I go training-wise this year, I figured it might be good to put all three sports together again for the first time since my last race on June 16 ....more

Freewheeling: Kitchen Updates

Right after we got back from Ironman Canada, Greg went to work redoing the kitchen. We found out very quickly that the setup was not very efficient and were able to identify ways to improve it. As a reminder, here is what it looked like: The stove/sink unit is on the right side, adjacent to the couch ....more

Summer Fun!

Long time, no talk. It would take me ages to go into detail about all the stuff I’ve been doing, so I’ll be brief and show you a bunch of pictures. Then we’ll be caught up and hopefully I can get back to more regular posts ....more

Vineman Monte Rio

Greg and I raced the inaugural Vineman Monte Rio olympic distance triathlon on June 2. We had visited the Russian River area of Sonoma County a couple of weeks prior to that and rode part of the bike and run courses, just to see what it was like. The roads were flat, newly paved, and shady. Sign me up! ...more

Daily sMiles

Competing in the Wildflower triathlon is difficult. <– This is an understatement. But it’s worth it because of the real fun that happens back at camp and on the way home ....more