Family Vacations

In case you have forgotten, Washington D.C. is a great place to visit. Free museums that offer much variety, zoos, history, and government. There is so much to do. however, not so much a place for toddlers. We left our baby with the in-laws but they had a blast spending quality time with her. Another fun area is Charlotte, NC. Lots of things to do with Nascar, whitewater rafting, amusement parks, shopping, and boating. Look no further than the country you are in for variety and fun. ...more

Bearing the restraints

After injuring my ankle, I have gone through an assortment of emotions. The leading one being frustration. I'm no stranger to ankle sprains, I have easily had over 10 bad sprains on this ankle along with ligament reconstruction of this same ankle. Like never before, I'm a Mother on the side lines watching my world go around me with my control. That is the core issue-control. I was in so much control over this life that I grew accustomed to what I was able to influence, coordinate, delegate, and participate. So I have had to hand over this power to my family....more

Farmers, agriculture, and technology unite!

Recently, my IDT course was discussing industries that utilize social media. I chose the agriculture industry. From a conversation where farmers use Twitter to check weather and soil reports to blogging to clear misconceptions about E.coli outbreaks, I realized how invaluable this information could be. Here is my idea: Farmer's Markets and Farmers advertise on Twitter or blogs where they are selling their produce, what is in season and ready for purchase. This could benefit localization. Many complain about the state of food-produce and meat in our country....more

The Importance of Dependability.

Our babysitter is like family. We are so fortunate to have a mature, caring, and reliable babysitter. I need to give praise to her and the impact she makes on our lives. This weekend my weak ankle gave out, sprained, and a little fracture occurred. We need help. Our family and babysitter has stepped up. My poor husband was facing a household with 3 little ones, pets-a new kitten, and a headstrong wife. When called out to work, we were fortunate to pick up the phone and have our babysitter arrive within the hour....more

Maybe Sheen will bring light to Mental Health?

It is epic! More seemingly an “epidemic”, “winning” the attention of the masses toward a stark cold reality of the existence of mental health conditions. Once thought of a comical celebrity rant that would suite a 2-year old or reality television, we now see a larger, darker issue lingering behind the hallow eyes of Charlie Sheen. There are parallels drawn between his conduct and the behavior of a personal loved one. It is rather sad. My smile is fading and my heart is sinking to watch the destruction that mental illness causes....more


The opportunity to have a night away from home and children is therapeutic. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful supportive network of family that allows for us to have this opportunity to have some quiet time. My in-laws are wonderful, generous people who sincerely love us and want to spend time with their grandchildren. We were able to get away for one night. We shopped around for a nice resort and spa. The advertisement listed the resort as four diamond, it was short of that but it didn't matter. We never made it to the spa. Regardless, we could have been anywhere....more


Flaw, flaw, flawed. I can live up to that. Being perfect doesn't address my needs. I have reasonable expectations that life is about living. Not about being stagnant, growth resistant, or impenetrable. I love and I trust, these are part of my many flaws. I'm comfortable in my flawed skin. It is a shame how others treat themselves by providing high expectations that are not humanly possible. For this, I should be a stronger Mother. For my children, I let them see my raw emotions, my non-makeup face,my sweatpants, my resistance, my many mistakes, my ambitions to keep learning, and to grow....more

Converting files for Kindle

After very little research, I chose the Sony reader as my ereader of choice. When I had it in my hands, it fell short of my expectations. This happens way too often with electronic toys. My Sony PRS-600 wasn't doing the trick. The touch screen was a sheet of glare. It was hard to read because of that issue alone. I didn't like using the stylus, it was one more small tool that could potentially get lost. Then the touch pad was my favorite. So it sat and collected dust. We splurged on an iPad but that quickly became an attraction for the kids....more

Reality Checks with Karma

Cause and effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In hindsight, my heart was overlooking the obvious. Ever have times like these? I've paid for my actions. Perhaps there is some more to come but what I hope is to learn from these experiences. What I had feared for the worst, was nothing compared to the reality of things. I live a life with consequences. Some people act as if they do not. That is unfortunate for them. This is a great time for self-reflection. In addition, I look at what I do have and how I try to compensate for things I believe I'm lacking....more

French Inspired

I want to return to the concept of genealogy. This week along my tree climbing, I decided that my children should learn French. Schools teach Parisian French. I was taught French in 2nd grade. We live a half hour south of the Canadian border and could not speak the Quebecois French language. There is a difference. Consider the variety of English, Spanish, and French is no different. To appease this quest, I sought David Graham a French instructor at Clinton Community College. He is a Quebec enthusiast. He was able to offer numerous websites and links to learning videos....more