Make an Adorable DIY Dog Bed With Copper Rivets

A few months ago I bought Juniper an orthopedic, tempurpedic dream of a dog bed … which she unzipped and ate within the first 20 minutes of being alone with it....more

Make Yourself a Gold Sunglasses Chain

Sun season is fast approaching, and so grows my paranoia about losing or damaging my favorite pair of sunglasses. I’m very active in the summer months, so putting a safe and fashionable hold on my new Supers was definitely the inspiration for this project....more

Homemade Eat-More Bars with Toasted Pine Nuts and Smoked Bacon

I recently bought a small slab of locally made smoked bacon; after slicing and cooking the entire slab, I was anxiously brainstorming ways to use all my crispy smoked bacon.  Realizing that I haven’t posted a desert on my site since Christmas, I thought I would cook up something sweet and savory....more

How to Make Rugged, Leather-Bottom Concrete Coasters

Every year for my Lumberjack’s birthday, I like to throw at least one handmade gift into the mix. ...more

Handmade Quartz Stud Earrings

I was definitely that nerdy kid who collected rocks…whenever my dad went out of town for work, he would always bring me back interesting stones and minerals as a souvenir of his travels.  My absolute favorites were pyrite, magnetite and milky quartz....more
These are perfect!!! I will have to give it a try :)more

Wine Poached Chicken Breast with Herb Gravy and Arborio Rice

I never seem to eat as much chicken as I should; this recipe was my mid-week attempt to remedy that and mix things up.  This meal was a complete success and next time around I’m going to add extra chicken breasts to freeze the left-overs into lunch sized portions! Poaching is an excellent way to keep chicken moist and tender…and who doesn’t love anything poached in wine and gravy.  C’mon....more

Kaffir Lime Chia Pudding with Fresh Mangosteen

I’m big on chia seeds.  I buy them in bulk and add them to my smoothies, fruit juices, oatmeal and yogurt on a regular basis…they pack a significant superfood punch, even in small amounts.After buying some fresh mangosteens at my local Asian market (and reading about their amazing health benefits) I knew I wanted to make some kind of anti-oxidant and mico-nutrient packed power breakfast with this duo.  Sticking with the Thai fruit theme, I also threw some fresh kaffir leaves into the mix....more

Handmade Tree Stump Side Table

I’ve had this stump for a while now, and it actually started as a rustic side table with modern legs. It was beautiful, but I was ready for a change. And I have to admit, I was pretty curious what the wood looked like under all that bark. If you salvage yourself a tree stump and you own all your own tools, you can actually complete this project and create a stunning piece of furniture for under $30. It’s a pretty incredible transformation, considering the fact that side tables like this sell in stores for over $200!...more
Now that is some country charm! Love it!more

Kale and Grilled Peach Salad with Roasted Yellow Pepper Vinaigrette

Oh summer salads…so delicious, fresh and beautiful.  This salad was inspired by some plump and juicy organic peaches I found at Wild Earth this weekend…and by my constant desire to use my cast iron grill pan.  Grilled peaches are the perfect way to add warmth and a pop of color to any summer salad and they happen to pair well with my favorite roasted vegetable vinaigrette....more