Home Energy Audit: Incentives and Insulation

Spring is almost here, and you may be ready to open your windows, turn off your heater, and forget winter. But before you do, consider calling an energy auditor to find out about rebates and incentives for improvements to your home's energy efficiency. That was my first step in my latest project,  which is the focus of a series of posts at home(re)made. ...more

Chevron Wall Art and DIY Frame

The Plaza Art Fair brings hundreds of artists to Kansas City every year, and last fall and I mentally pinned a few of the things I saw. One was a piece of wall art involving chevrons and a bull. Later, as I was talking about the event with my housemate, she mentioned the same piece....more

DIY home insulation: the whys and hows

Insulation – fiberglass, cellulose, foam board, rock wool – rarely the subject of conversation around my house, until recently. From the moment I stepped inside my home to view it for the first time, I started compiling a list of projects, mostly ones that would increase the resale value....more