The Art of the Setback

I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday with stomach pains again. ...more

To Meredith, on Her 35th Birthday

Today, I turn 35. “A spring chicken!” “You have light years ahead of you!” (Please, do keep THOSE comments coming). In my last post, I outlined some darkness that’s been pinging around in my head ....more

When in Darkness…

I have had a rough few days. And I have completed...more

Aliens, Running and An Alien Angel

So I ran a half marathon on Saturday night. Correction. ...more

I’ve been going

I’ve been going through some insomnia recently, which is not unusual for me. About two times a month, I survive for a few days on less than four hours of sleep a night. It’s just a weird thing, and then I crazy and eat waffles, and I am good as new ....more

Ambassador Spotlight: Anne Reed

Anne Reed is our Spotlight Ambassador this week, having just finished a very brutal Ironman Florida. ...more

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6: The Swim Bike Mom Race Report

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Who: ...more

Ambassador Spotlight: Sheri Carey

Sheri Carey City/State: League City, TX Age Group: 35-39 Biggest Inspiration: My family. I want to be a fit and present mom for my babies. I want to be a fun and healthy companion for my husband ....more

1st Place Munchkin Man

Hey Guys! Todd here! I’ve totally slacked off and wrote this a couple months ago and just now getting around to putting the pics in but here goes… This race was by far one of the most exciting races of my coaching season ....more