The “Team” Aftermath… and the Next Big Thing

Based off of some recent feedback I have received on the SBM Ambassador Team, I am writing this blog post. From a starting point…I want you all to know how wonderful I think the SBM “Army” is. Additionally,...more

Meet the 2015 SBM Team!

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Just Keep Rolling Some Nuts…

With 39 days left to my next 140.6, I decided it was time to roll some nuts. What??! Well, with most of my training buddies just days away from Ironman Chattanooga, I didn’t really have anyone who wanted to go ride 100 miles with me on a Saturday ....more

20% Off Promo Code for All3Sports!

Sponsored Post NEW Promo Code Time! So my friends at All3Sports wanted to give you guys something nice—and this is kind of a big deal— because it’s NOT a one-time, expiring promo...more

The First 100 of 2014

To mark the anniversary of my one-week tumble down the stairs, I decided to ride a century (100 miles) with Yoda. My feet were still hurting, but I thought,...more

Walk Softly, Have Hope

This is a good reason to be an early morning triathlete. ...more

Email of the Week

I received this ah-maz-ing email from a Swim Bike Dad last week. ...more

Just Keep Falling Forward

On this week’s episode of “I have an iron distance race in 8 weeks, so it must be time to hurt myself“...more

“You are a Beast” …and a Birthday!

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday DEAR BLOG…. Happy birthday to you! Swim Bike Mom started...more

60 Days …AND Ironman Louisville

When someone has 60 days until their second 140.6 race… what would be the thing to do? (Besides Swim Bike Nap). Well, duh ....more