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Getting the hang of this walking thing

Here's my girl yesterday morning, at 11 months and a few days, demonstrating her newly acquired walking skills. I love how she throws herself into the task, using her entire body to make it across the floor. I think she is very proud of herself ....more

Today in Central Park

Little Ms. Magpie is taking off in the standing and walking department. This morning, she walked across the room unassisted, 8 or 9 steps ....more

10 months update

Baby girl is growing up, and I know I am way overdue for an update in this space. Working and being a mom have been difficult to balance. More on that in a future post, but for now, let me bring you up to speed on how the little one has been ....more

Magpie's birth story, part III

...Continued (sorry for the long delay) from...more

Magpie's birth story, part II

...Continued from Birth Story, Part I... Turns out I wasn’t feeling much happening because nothing much was happening. My OB came in to check me that night when she got into the hospital…and I was now exactly 1 fingertip dilated ....more

Magpie's birth story, part I - the prequel

I've never posted the story of my labor with Magpie and her birth. At first, I was too shell-shocked to process it, let alone write it down, and then I was too sleep deprived, and then I kept putting it off, and then I returned to work and didn't have a second free anymore...and well, somehow nine months have passed. Ms ....more

Two teeth

My beautiful girl at almost 8 months. She's growing up, moment by moment. I am so in love ....more


I've been quiet this past month after receiving a couple of taunting comments from someone on this blog. Apparently someone from my real life found this blog or someone from the blogosphere stumbled onto my identity, I'm not sure which. I've had real life folks find us before - and in the past this was always handled directly and honestly, with the person contacting me to let me know. I'll admit even in those cases, it felt weird to ...more

Sweet potatoes, where have you been all my life?!

Magpie's first venture into solids this weekend was a raging success. Six months old and ready to eat! ...more