Resources for Podcasters

Blog: Podcast: Described below are four new resources for podcasters including a Podcasting Legal Guide, Bound by Law, Media Slaves and VoiceIndigo. ...more

Media Slaves - Life in Permanent Beta

Join Debi Jones, Zadi Diaz, Marianne Richmond and Nicole Simon for our podcast debut as Media Slaves. After only one day, and virtually no promotion there are already 62 subscribers to the show. ...more

I'll be interested to hear what kind of subscribers you get from the myspace page. (Kind ...more

Mobile Phones poised to overtake PCs in 2006

Mobile Phones Poised To Overtake The PC As The Dominate Internet Platform In Some Markets, According To Ipsos Insight's Latest The Face of the Web Study If you blog, you're already a mobile publisher. ...more

I don't mean to play down the reality that older users aren't being catered to by the mobile ...more

User Generated Content Must Die

Reprinted from Derek Powazek posted an open letter to...well..."The Internet," deconstructing the phrase User Generated Content.  Powazek is calling for the elimination of the phrase in connection with disintermediated media. User: One who uses. Like, you know, a junkie. Generated: Like a generator, engine. Like, you know, a robot. Content: Something that fills a box. Like, you know, packing peanuts. So what's user-generated content? Junkies robotically filling boxes with packing peanuts. Lovely. Not only is this an amusing description, but there's more than a kernel of truth present when you consider the recent flak in the podcasting realm over The PodShow contract.  ...more

Thanks for the kudos.

There are many independents who could and do make use of coporate media ...more

Women fight back with Mobile Social Media

Reprinted from Hollaback NYC is a blog dedicated to the fame of men who harass women on the street. The site's tagline says it all, "If you can't Slap 'em, Snap 'em!" ...more

Of course, there's the use of cameraphones for recording more

2006 The Year of Mobile Social Media

Reprinted from       There are so many announcements, new initiatives and discussions about mobility kicking off in 2006 that it well could be called "the year of the mobile."  Most exciting are all the applications, devices and network services that enable media creation and sharing from the edge of the network - that's you and me.  The list below includes new launches and announcements in 2006, only. Everyone is getting into the game of enabling mobile creation and consumption of personal and/or social media.  The Mobhappy crew included the growth of blogging and mo' pho' blogging in their predictions for 2006, but that prediction may be understated. ...more

Steve Rubel's Social Media Tour Podcast

Reprinted from I've been experimenting with podcasting using free tools with the intention of launching a podcast that crosses the subject matter of both mobile jones, and the Blogher Blogging and Social Media publication where I've joined as a contributing editor. Steve Rubel announced his transition from CopperKatz to Edelman (big PR firm) and his plan to launch a Social Media Tour.  It seemed like a great opportunity to jump in and give it go.  So as a presentation for mobile jones and Blogher's Blogging and Social Media features, the podcast was Steve's first stop on the Tour. ...more

Social Media for Four Eyed Monsters

Reprinted from When low cost production meets creativity and talent plus social networking, syndication, indy media along with video podcasting and shared audioblogging, what do you get? Four Eyed Monsters. ...more

The podcast versus audioblog point is indeed interesting. It may seem that I used them ...more

list of CE 404 error

1. The link "editors" from the home page doesn't link to the list of editors. The link should be renamed or fixed. 2. The link to the "list of editors" returns a 404 error. 3. Finally, I've let this go for 2 weeks, because it didn't seem critical and I suppose still isn't. The link from my name on the Blogging and Social Media page is set to "" ...more

I just fixed the welcome message. My apologies - proof that if I look at something every day it ...more

The Site that ate the Blogosphere

Reprinted from Technorati reported on the "State of the Blogosphere" starting last week and continuing this week. The company points to the size of the blogosphere and it's growth rate. Claiming 27.7 million blogs tracked and the doubling of the blogosphere measured in months with 75,000 new blogs added daily are impressive signs of growth as stated by Technorati. But what if I told you there's a part of the blogosphere that claims 56 million members, 2 1/2 times the traffic of Google and adds 1 million new bloggers per week? Technorati does not track this part of the blogosphere. If Technorati added feeds from this group of bloggers, their current "blogosphere" would be a mere 1/3rd of the total. ...more

MySpace so much reminds me of the internet 10 years ago (Lord, was i in college that long ago ...more