As a Biracial Woman, I May Look Like Rachel Dolezal But I Don't Have the Privilege of Leaving

When the news broke about former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, who stepped down as of today, being a white woman posing as Black, I spent time commenting here and there on various media accounts. On more than one occasion, some friend-of-a-friend noted how much we look alike. It’s not a fair comparison, I believe, because it’s as superficial as her coloring of skin and eyes. I know far too well what it’s like to have my Blackness called into question....more
Beautiful post Kelly:  "The ultimate in white privilege is what she portrayed because she’s ...more

Beauty = Acceptance

I don't know a single woman who can confidently say these words: "I've always known I was beautiful." Nor should she, but that's what my girlfriends and I were discussing last weekend when we got together for pizza and beer. We make plans to get together regularly so that we can check in on one another and encourage each other....more
I love "How nice of you to say that!" It's like a "re-compliment!" Great article for all ages.more

Becoming an Educator

There must have been a moment for me, but I cannot recall what it was now. In any case, a spark hit me and I got the bug. Watching students raise their hands and become fully engaged in a lesson ignited me like a dry forest thirsting for the rain but instead a dropped match lit me up. I was, for all intents and purposes, on fire. This, this leading a classroom of students to knowledge, was what I wanted to do....more
The reason I ended up a Chemist was because of the Chemistry teacher at high school who was ...more