Whooping Cough Returns

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Originally posted at www.moderndaypearls.com.I love pie charts.  As well as other graphs.  And pie.  But if there's one thing I can't stand when it comes to graphs is ones that show polls with incomplete information that lead readers to believe more than one-third of Americans want to keep fighting the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Exhibit A:...more

Having It All (or Not)

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Mitt, Marco, and the DREAM Act

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Unintended Side Effects of Not Having Obamacare

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We Got Beat

Originally posted on www.moderndaypearls.com.  Earlier this week, Obama campaign email subscribers received the following message:For the first time in this campaign, we got beat in fundraising. The Romney campaign and the Republican Party raised more than $76 million last month, compared to our $60 million. We knew this moment would come when Romney secured the nomination. What happens next is up to you....more

Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Congress

Off the top of my head, I can think of handfuls of other issues that are more important than whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress about using steroids.  Things, in fact, that are - believe it or not - more important than if Clemens even did use steroids.  Like the Paycheck Fairness Act that is up for a vote this Tuesday....more

Top Five Battleground States for 2012

And now for the most interesting part of presidential campaigns - predicting the winners of the closely watched and eternally catered-to swing states.  While states with long-standing political leanings like Massachusetts (Democrat), Texas (Republican), Illinois (Chicago), and Wyoming (Cheney and his neighbors) have already been written off by pundits, a host of other states' electoral votes are up for grabs in November.  Here's my top five picks (with Pennsylvania and Florida close behind)....more
I love how the GOP is spinning the results already. Saying they may lose because of Hurricane ...more

Newark Mayor Goes Off Book

In case you missed it, this past Sunday, Newark mayor Cory Booker was on the Meet the Press with David Gregory roundtable.  Booker was acting as a surrogate for the Obama campaign, and among other topics, the controversy over Mitt Romney's approach to managing Bain Capital was brought up.  Banter ensued.  Dramatic media clips were played....more

Well, it finally happened.

Today's the day I had to choose support for President Obama or my (inexplicable) lifelong allegiance to the Chicago Cubs.  While the charm of Wrigley Field, malt cups, the team's rich history, and the generations of shared misery keep Cubby fans bleeding blue year after year, there has been one thing I have always managed to look past.  It wasn't the falling pieces of stadium that sparked "tear Wrigley down" cries from non-believers a couple of years ago.  It isn't their less-than-stellar record...year after year after year....more