10 Things I learned in 10 Years of Parenting

 Sometimes I forget I have been a parent this long. I look around at these people wandering around my house almost the same height as me now and forget they were little. It feels like a million years ago.So what can I offer up as words of wisdom? What have I learned over the last ten years that can help a new mother?Nothing....more

Lies Baby Books told me - second edition - naptime

Well here we are – almost a year later with Dodger and its all puppy dogs and rainbows over here.0.oNope not really – Who wants a real mommy post on sleeping at 11 months? Who wants me to tell you for real nap times and sleep schedules dont always work. You? ok…here you go…...more

5 Thanksgiving tablescapes you can actually recreate!

Before we get into the Thanksgiving table ideas I want to remind you of whats coming up in just a few days! I am getting so excited for all of these!***...more

Adventures in Cloth

  At first I was afraid I was petrifiedjust kidding…....more

My 5 favorite free phone apps for photo editing!

Ever read a post about apps and think “Dangit its x amount of money?” I feel like this all the time. I do own a few that did cost money but most of mine are free and today I will share a few of my favorites with you.1. SnapseedThis is my do it all app. I have the PSExpress and I kind of hate it. Snapseed is just so much easier to use and really really fast. You can lighten, darken, add filters, crop and make realistic edits to your photos....more
Oh. I like how you use the BubbleFrame app a lot.more

My dinning room needs a make over

My dinning room is dark. The room itself is dark and we have a dark table, dark rug and dark accents. I never liked it but here we are. I feel kind of trapped.We bought this table:...more

My favorite Homeschool Resources

 When I first decided to homeschool my first panic attack came when I was talking with a woman and she was throwing numbers like 1000 dollars a kid for supplies…um WUT?...more
@Faithandhope3 I also have one in 6th grade & 1 in 1st. I just posted what we are using for our ...more

Dr Brown's Gia Pillow Review and Giveaway!

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my adorable baby, Dodger sleeping soundly snuggled in his new Dr. Brown’s Gia Pillow. If you didn’t then start following me!!...more

Homeschool Diaries - September Plan

Homeschool starts in a little over two weeks and I cant believe we are so close! I have been working my tail off organizing my lesson plans for the kids. It is so much work but I am thrilled with where I am at.We are going with the workbox method as our homeschool base and adding in our own twists to it as we go. I will post the plan for the month 2 weeks before the following month and then each week I will post specifics as to what is included in their week as far as worksheets and projects.French is going to be the second language for all three kids....more

Acciedental Science Experiment

So I just found something really cool in my yard I wanted to share with you – definitely something you should try with your kids and for sure going to be a homeschool on going science project! ...more
So cool!more