Note to Self

Dear Teenage Me,You are so vibrant and full of life.  I want you to understand how valuable those qualities are, that you’re unique, special. It is difficult to find people in this life with those qualities, they’re rare, you’re rare.  Cherish them, be proud of them, they will serve you well....more

I'm Privileged & Proud Of It

In recent days, among a slew of many colorful words - most containing four letters and something to do with my skin color, I've been accused of being privileged. This came about because of my post, "I Miss America."I'd like to take this moment to say: Yes. Yes, I am....more
I meant to respond here, but got clicked over to your blog instead. I would like to include the ...more

I Don't Like Spanking My Kids, But I Do It Anyway

I was spanked as a child. I wasn’t beaten, I wasn’t thrown around. I was laid over my fathers knee and would get a couple of good wallops. It wasn’t done excessively, only on an as-needed basis. For me, that “as-needed” would come around much more often than it would my sister. One of the small burdens of being too much like my mother. The point is, I wasn’t traumatized. I didn’t feel abused. I felt as though I deserved it and, looking back as an adult -- I did. I don’t like spanking my kids. In fact, I usually give them numerous chances and warnings to straighten out the problem before I do....more
Judith Liebaert  you are a moron. Your "argument" is based on no scientific fact, but is merely ...more

Stay At Home vs Working Outside Of The Home

I started a new job last week. Well, not really a new job. More like an old job at a new place.The adjustments are taking some getting used to. Not being home with the kids is the biggest one, of course. I have to admit, the break from this chaos that I call motherhood has been nice in it’s own way. On the other hand, I’m mourning the time I had with my babies....more

The Guilt Stricken Mother - Parenting A Child With ADHD

As the mother of a child with severe ADHD, being the recipient of constant judgment is something that I am familiar with.  My oldest son suffers with this disorder to the extent that he often has trouble controlling his own body movements.  Simply walking from one room to another without falling or getting sidetracked proves to be an almost impossible task, one that you and I take for granted.Other parents question my decisions on an almost daily basis, they question the love I have for my child.  The truth is, so do I....more

Breastfeeding: How Old is Too Old?

I’m a big believer in breastfeeding. That being said – while I breastfed my youngest, I bottle fed my oldest. During his stay in the NICU, my older child refused to eat and was therefore losing weight. Rapidly. I was offered a choice: Give him a bottle or they’d give him a feeding tube. Not wanting my little 4-pounder to have to endure any more tubes shoved down his throat, I chose the bottle. Eventually, he ended up with a tube anyway. I tried for weeks to get him to take to my breast once we got him home. It wasn’t happening....more
I don't base my opinions on breasfeeding on "ew" or "shudder" factors, but rather real data, ...more

Is TV the Other Mother in Your House?

Are there specific rules set up for TV watching in your house? While I try and limit the amount of TV my kids watch, it surprised me to find out that its not as easy as simply pushing the power button. Once the decision was made to drastically cut back on tube time, several other factors surfaced once the screen went black....more

Live and Learn - Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

  The older I get, the more I realize just how precious good friends are. Unfortunately, it also goes that with each day that passes, the less time I have to be a good friend back....more

Black Friday is Here - Are You Ready?

Are you ready?  I am.  My metal armor is at the dry cleaners as we speak, actually.  Along with the 4 down jackets, stocking cap, and 3 pairs of wool socks that I have to wear in order to bear the 4 am winter morning here in Idaho.  Yes, I am aware that I said "stocking cap" and yes, I am aware that calling it that is so, like, 20 years ago.  Its a tradition for us, my sister and I team up and go out every year.  We have a routine, a strategy.  Thanksgiving day, we each grab a newspaper and mark all of the items we are after.  We then compare ...more

Pacifiers Suck

Pacifiers suck. Just as much figuratively as they do literally I think. Sure, they seem like a good idea when your little bundle of joy takes one for the first time all swaddled and looking at you like you’re the smartest person in the world to have invented such an amazing contraption. It’s a miracle worker. There is nothing that little apparatus can’t fix. There is no job too big to be conquered; screaming, yelling, crying, whining, mad, bored, tired… put a plug in it. Then, that little bundle of joy turns one. ...more