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Blogging + social media as playground factory :: hidden digital labor profits

new book Digital Labor: Internet as Playground + Factory explains global capitalism crisis links to hidden labor of digital economy: "Digital Labor asks whether life on the internet is mostly play, or work. We tweet, we tag photos, we link, we review books, we comment on blogs, we remix media, and we upload video to create much of the content that makes up the web. And large corporations profit on our online activity by tracking our interests, affiliations, and habits—and then collecting and selling the data....more

Are YOU Dense? Mammograms can kill you!

i went to a talk by Senator Joe Simitian. He needs more signatures to get California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a law that adds a sentence to Mammogram results, to inform a woman whether she has dense breasts.“Dense Breasts” make detecting cancer via Mammogram unlikely,because cancer and dense breast tissue both show as white....more
So happy Governor Jerry Brown signed this bill and it will become Law January 1st :)more

public pool predators

i focused on prevention + what mod*tot should do: -always stay where we can see each other. -scream your head off, if a stranger bothers you. -run away. tell someone safe. i wasn't prepared for a pedophile to xxx himself under the water in front of us. luckily, mod*tot didn't notice. when you're in a public pool in swimsuits in close proximity to strangers, and socialized to be polite, friendly, include others, respect elders.... public swimming pools, hot tubs + beaches are a confusing + dangerous place. ...more
only 1 state in nation has felony legal protection against public pool predators. every state ...more

need a ticket please :)

 please help me get a ticket  kristen ...more

Email me at if you're ...more

chevy malibu: 32 mpg on hwy

the awesome chevy hybrid malibu gets 32 mpg on the highway! the hybrid malibu is a 4-door luxury sedan with huge trunk, 100 satellite radio channels, "on star" human voice navigation, + it's much more comfortable than the prius, which we also love, but is not as luxurious + spacious + has an exposed hatchback. i mean in the prius, you hardly have any room to carry anything + it's all visible through a window + will heat up like a green house. whereas, in the malibu, we're bringing suitcases + lots of swag bags. ...more

we're eco-friendly carpooling in a hybrid!

we're so thrilled + grateful to gm + blogher for sponsoring our carpool team with an eco-friendly 2008 hybrid malibu! a top 10 car of the year! we're "greening" blogher! team mod*mom is me kristen from mod*mom at + ana from finding bonggamom at + kim at tippytoes and tantrums at ...more

I can't wait to meet you and I'm so glad you'll be at the conference this year!

mod*mom "green" giveaways


mod*mom giveaways :: vernor panton "S" chair $245 + many more

mod*mom giveaways :: please enter my giveaways at moderndose :: vernor panton "S" chair $245 nurseryworks :: mod mini rocking chair $325 avalisa :: mod wool rug + 3 memory games $360 method home :: 3 holiday gift baskets $120 harper collins :: 10 retro schoolyard skills books for girls + boys $250 puj :: 5 baby slings $250 ...more