Dancing On The Edge

Most of us would scoff at the notion of needing any help. We take great pride in our fearlessness and ability to multi-task away our to-do list. I am guilty of super hero syndrome myself, but the truth is I could do with a live in Martha Stewart and Jillian Michaels. And I’m not above the need for the occasional check in with Dr. Phil....more

A Woman's Dance

(Turn and face the strain)
Ch-ch-Changes While I wait for Julia Roberts to buy the rights to my book, I labor at a day job. It funds the basics: shelter, food, books, and printer supplies. Recently, I changed positions, which has caused a tremor in the force. I’ve had to re-balance my life.Isn’t it always the way for a woman?...more

Letter From My Childhood

Ms. Brenda Moguez88888 Future AvenueTime Beyond Today, The World at Large Dear Sister-Self (my true soul sister) ME! ...more

A Reason to Give Thanks, A Mother's Wish

 Pilgrims of the MayflowerWooden Structure on the Mound(In the Forest clearing, left of the Maize fields)Plymouth Rock, New World Now relocated to the heavens and beyond RE: Finding Grace Dear Pilgrims~...more

Your Children Are Not Yours to Keep

For most women—especially this woman—letting go isn’t easy to do, we don’t fully grasp the concept. We are plastic wrap, double-sided sticky tape, bubble gum on the bottom of a rubber-soled-shoe, skin-on-skin—we invest for the long haul, and our cling is stronger than super glue on steroids.   We do not go gently. I attempted to make a list of all times I let go without having a gun at my head forcing me to let go.  It went like this…...more

yeah, it's a date. It's funny how the time creeps up on you...more

The Spooky Art of Being Human

 Before I deemed myself an artist, I was a Stepford Wife.  I put everything and everyone before me.  In my pre-artist world, I didn't grant myself privileges of indulgence or excess.  It's odd to admit that to myself because I have always been employed and capable of supporting myself without any help.  Referring to myself as a Stepford Wife is my metaphor for assimilating into a catatonic mental state and denying my own self a full existence.   (For the record, I have never been tall, blonde, anorexic  looking, and although once coveted, physical per...more

I love the analogy of 'stepford' - it paints an entire persona with little effort on the part of ...more

Mothers, We All Have One…..

Mom has called to say she was flying in for a mini-break.  Nana travels by plane to reach us because we don’t share the same zip code.  ‘I want do some shopping in the City,” she tells me in a rush, “I arrive at 10:20 on Thursday morning in Oakland.”  Click.  (None of the people in my immediate family says good-bye at the end of a phone call.  It is assumed after the final sentence the conversation is over, followed promptly...more

Just Do It

How easy is it.... Thinking about doing what is you are supposed to be doing is harder than doing what it is you are thinking about doing.  Confused?  Let me break it down for you. Example of a something you are not doing:...more

How to Make Green Chili Stew, and a Lesson in Life

How to Make Green Chili Stew...more

Instant Weight Loss, “Gimmee, Gimmee,” I said.

I am always on the lookout for quick weight-loss-programs that don’t involve me having to change anything in my lifestyle.  I like to eat good food, drink hearty wine, and I although I despise exercise with every ounce of my being, I am at the gym five days a week.  Still, I keep watch for miracle cures because I devoured Cosmo, Glamour, and Teen Beat magazines back in the day, and realize the only w...more

You are right, of course.. I do feel like a million bucks after a work out. Thanks, btw for ...more