Cat Nap

There were a number of years when I followed the old adage, when your babies nap, nap with them. I found it a delight for those few short years I was a stay-at-home mom: my two babies nestled in my big bed, a short stack of Beatrix Potter books to read and then we were all out for a good hour.Afterwards, we would bound up, babies ready for big brother to come home and enjoy an afternoon of leaf piles and walks to see the neighborhood pony; I could manage the dinner preparation and the multitude of rituals that led to a day’s end all on the reach of that nap....more

Aurora's Rosy Fingers

Dawn appears every morning and yet, as I get caught up in my normal hustle and bustle, I don’t often stop to appreciate her showing. I might catch a hint of pink as I proceed from yoga mat to shower stall but more often my eye is more captivated by the hands of the clock racing me into the demands of my day. ...more

Ode to Place

In summer we find ourselves driving along the sandy roads of our past. The creep of time and population alter these places that call us home: dirt roads are now paved and dotted with new development, shopping malls replace the row of two-room cabins, old homes torn down for duplexes, but despite these changes you go back....more

Ode to Lucky Panties

Perhaps you are thinking an ode is too elevated for mere panties, but I’m here to tell you I experienced a pair of seemingly ordinary panties that transcended the material world like no other talisman... Once on, luck ran through my day like water after a deluge, like electricity after a surge, like dandelions after the rain, like...well you get the idea, their power was unlike any ancient amulet or rabbit’s foot or leprechaun’s pot or four-leafed clover. The good fortune or whatever mystical magical inference you want to label, these panties had it....more

Chop-sticks and a Pencil

There are times when all of us agree to obligations, especially when it is a lone post in an empty square on our calendar, then, as that date rushes toward us and all the adjacent squares are bursting with other events, life can start to feel like too much. That’s pretty much how my spouse and I were feeling as we drove to the Burlington Hilton to pick up two Japanese teachers visiting Vermont as part of their Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development. Excited, but weary....more

Spring Cleaning

From my lofty vantage out the third floor window, I see broken twigs and browned leaves, nature’s debris, being blown across my yard. All the while sheets of rain soak and puddle about, making the remaining patches of crusty old snow disappear once and for all. If I don’t turn in immediate despair over this continually gray sky, I might glimpse the green tops of daffodil shoots pushing through along the back border or peering into the garden beds I can spy a dash of white crocus blossoms (yes, this is the far north!)....more

Threads and the Interconnection of All

In the spirit of spring cleaning, good for the soul, good for the mind, a way to get all those mental cobwebs cleaned out, this is a blog about the connections we are all encountering, pretty much all the time, yet just don’t pause and feel gratitude over, you know? We are united by the thread of family ties or interests or vocations or passions. In my life I have been fortunate enough to connect with people, at times in the oddest ways, and it is those seemingly random encounters that teach me to be more grateful....more

Thank you for sharing... They say that 'a Life without Friends is like a garden with no ...more


This blog is about Chai tea, not because I’m hopping on the trendy chai wagon, or that I want you to rush to Starbucks and order a frothy mix, but because for decades now, my extended family has come together around this brew of ginger, cardamon, milk and tea, and this partnership of yumminess is a piece of our life I want to share. In fact, as I write this, my spouse is graciously making a big pot right now which we will sit and sip together shortly....more