Sexting at Work- I think I've created a monster!

Recently I texted a pic of my cowboy boots to the King when he was at work. They were new and he hadn't seen them yet. They were expensive, so by way of justification and softening the blow, I did this:...more

Teaching Boys to Respect Women Despite our Current Culture

This morning I had an interesting conversation with Grand Master D. I've been wanting to have it for a while now but there's never a 'right' time to bring it up. It's not like it's dinner conversation, you know ... how was school and oh yeah don't rape girls. So I always find myself wanting to discuss limits and respect and all the things a boy should know but never finding the right time....more

How NOT To Collect a Stool Sample

This post is a little off colour, be warned BUT our house is off colour at the moment because of this stupid virus…and if you can’t laugh at your misfortunes then…..Now if you’re following along, you’ll know that Grand Master D has been sick for a while. This stomach bug is a tough bastard and so far he’s lost 11 pounds, (5kgs) according to the doctor’s scale. That’s enough to make a middle aged woman jump for joy but a slim 13 you boy? That’s a lot of weight loss in 2 weeks....more

The Land of the Not So Free

While I am not a citizen of America and I didn't grow up here, I live here now and what I see frightens me for the future of society in this country on so many social levels....more

Pull Your Damn Pants Up

The ‘pants on the ground’ thing is getting old people! Enough already. I just hate it, and I swear every season they just keep getting lower. How did this even become a fashion thing? It just looks so ridiculous, kids walking along the street like they've shit themselves!  Don't they know how stupid they look? I can't help it, I laugh out loud every time. Even Miss Gremlin and Grand Master D point and laugh now....more

The Step Monster Lives

At a young age I became a step mother. I was a step mother before I had children. It's different. Inheriting someone else's child comes with a different set of rules. It's not clearly defined. It's not all you. Whether we realise it or not, before we have children, we have preconceived and often unrealistic ideas, on how they should be raised. I was very guilty of that.When you have your own children you grow into the roll from birth. ...more