Disneyland Dad's Get a Bad Rap But Is It Really Avoidable?

I’M ONE OF THOSE "DISNEYLAND DADS" WHO DOESN’T GET TO SEE MY KIDS VERY OFTEN. WHY SHOULD I WASTE OUR PRECIOUS TIME ON HOMEWORK OR CHORES?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: I would suspect this may be a common feeling among divorced parents who share custody and don’t see their kids on a daily basis....more

When Your Ex- Is Not The Best Role Model For Your Kids

MY KID DESPERATELY WANTS TO BE LIKE HIS FATHER (MY EX-HUSBAND) BUT HIS FATHER IS NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL. WHAT CAN I DO?photocreditDR. SUSAN RUTHERFORD: It’s important that a divorced parent is careful about what she says about the other parent to their child....more

Do Your Kids Fight With Each Other? You'll Never Guess What's Behind It

Are your kids constantly bickering with each other and driving you crazy? Do they always seem to be picking on each other to get a reaction? Why won't they stop?Dr. Susan Rutherford addresses what's going on between your children when they fight with each other... and what you can do it stop it!CLICK HERE TO WATCH  ...more

What To Do When Your Toddler Stops Sleeping Through the Night:

MY 22-MONTH OLD HASN'T SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR A YEAR. WHAT SHOULD I DO?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: There are a couple of things this parent might consider. One is, can she go without a nap?...more

Dr. Rutherford Gives The One Easy Technique That Can Save the Work-From-Home Parent!

I WORK FROM HOME AND HAVE A HARD TIME SEPARATING MY WORK-LIFE FROM MY HOME-LIFE.photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: I see this issue is becoming more and more prevalent as technology advances and more and more parents are able to work from home rather than going outside the home to work....more

Does your child complain a lot? Here's an idea how to change that behavior:

IT SEEMS MY 7-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER COMPLAINS A LOT JUST FOR THE SAKE OF COMPLAINING. HOW CAN WE STOP IT?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: Let's talk about some positive behavior modification strategies that this parent can put to use immediately to change this behavior....more

Does your husband want more action in the bedroom? He'll get more if he helps more! An essential lesson for husbands.

He’ll get more… if he helps out more! An essential lesson for husbands.Listen to Dr. Susan Rutherford, a Clinical Psychologist's  advice about how to get more equal participation in your marriage. ...more

Fear of Spiders is Keeping This Child Awake. What Should She So?

MY TODDLER IS AFRAID TO SLEEP ALONE IN HER BED AFTER SEEING A SPIDER.photocreditDR. SUSAN RUTHERFORD: Let's look at what's going on here in order to solve the problem. A toddler had the traumatic, scary experience of seeing a spider and now she is afraid more spiders will come get her when she goes to sleep....more

Digging Deeper to Find the Cause of Unmotivated Student:

I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL AND UNMOTIVATED TO DO WELL IN SCHOOL – I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOphotocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: This is a very interesting dilemma. Lack of motivation to do well can be caused by a number of things....more

When It Comes To Sibling Rivalry, Does the Age Difference Matter?

I JUST HAD A BABY AND MY 17-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS VERY JEALOUS OF THE BABY. WHAT CAN I DO?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: It's an interesting situation when a 17-year old suddenly exhibits this kind of jealousy, but it sounds like a classic case of sibling rivalry....more