The story of Durga – Female Power or Shakti

Today is the tenth day of a major Hindu festival called Durga Puja, Dussehra, or Navratri....more

7 Tips for Indian American parents visiting India

As Indians with our roots firmly embedded in the Indian subcontinent, we try to visit our extended family and childhood homes once every two years. Along with the excitement of meeting familiar people and seeing familiar sights, it cannot be denied that these trips are expensive and hectic. All this does lead to stress that......more

School and life lessons

Big A’s first week of school was rocky because apparently his Advanced English teacher had given them a book report to do over...more

My childhood home is not the same any more

Remember that comforting feeling you had as a child when you thought of home. When you trudged your way back from the park after a rigorous play of cricket or baseball or tag or clambering on the play structures, and you were all sweaty and hungry? And, you thought of your mom waiting for you,......more

The strong women at BlogHer16

BlogHer16!!!! Hang on! This is going to be a very long and wordy blog post because I saw and heard so many incredible things that I felt like I needed time to process everything and then finally commemorate it all...more

Random thoughts about my India trip!

Finally, the promised post about my India trip!! This one will be low on text and heavy on pictures. I will be back with a more substantive post on various aspects of the trip! ...more

Update from my end!

Hello dearies! It’s been ages I’ve posted here or even visited your blogs! As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to wind up work before leaving for my vacation in India! ...more

It takes a village…. across many countries

I am immensely grateful for being a part of 1000 Voices of Compassion. The positivism radiating out of the group is something that I look forward to every day and I am also appreciative of the fact that I get to meet some very warm people who work for the betterment of the world through......more

Just saying no! #1000Speak

When we think of compassion, we generally think of extending it only to others. But, we owe it to ourselves to be self-compassionate too! After all, we can only end up burning out if we keep giving and giving without taking a break ....more

Three Things Thursday

A while back, I joined the South Asian Bloggers Network Facebook group, which consisted of South Asian Bloggers (duh!) living in the US and Canada. Initially starting of strictly as a business networking thing, it quickly morphed into a fun interaction where we now exchange tips of hair care, clothes, and mom stuff! Particularly, I......more