The Facebook profile picture overlay debate

I hate impulsive decision; I do make snap judgments, but I try not to express them until time has passed and I’m certain that what I thought is still true. The question of what it signified if someone put up the Facebook profile overlay of the French flag, versus what it signified if someone didn’t,......more

Making Indian sweets is a piece of cake!

Ain’t I clever mixing two scrumptious desserts into a single sentence title?! Seriously though, most of you, especially the non-Indians amongst my readers, would probably not think of making Indian sweets in your kitchen. “Where would I even start? ...more

What kind of monster are you?!

Don’t worry – this is not an accusation, but a fun quiz by Grammarly to find out our inner demons. Okay, not even that! Click the link to find out which literary bad guy—or misunderstood miscreant—you’re most like! ...more

Compassion for a tween #1000Speak

Dear Tween Son, I haven’t decided exactly when to show you this letter. It will be based on your mood, which is so easily reflected on your face. You’re still the little boy whose mood is either dark, cloudy and glowering, or the giggly, comic nerd! ...more

Water, water everywhere…..or drought

My uncle called me a week or so ago...more

What to serve to non-Indians when you are an Indian

Okay, let’s be frank! The title should be ‘What to serve white people when you are an Indian’! Because, really, whites are the annoying wimps who sweat and cry if their food has an ounce of spice! ...more

Compassion for Immigrants #1000Speak

Everyone in the United States, except for Native Americans, are immigrants. It doesn’t really matter whether you can here in the last 10 years or the last 100. Most reasonable people recognize this ....more

“Who cares?!” The beauty of nonchalance and being different

“Oh dear!” said the dental assistant with a laugh, “I got you a pink toothbrush by mistake! Would you like me to get you a different one?” Little a, all of 7 years old looked down at his little packet of dental floss, toothpaste and the offending toothbrush, looked up and said, “It’s fine”. “Are......more

The end of summer and back to school!

I missed Kristi’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt for writing a post of...more

Listening to kids with compassion #1000Speak

As I mentioned last blog post,...more