Coldplay and Cultural Appropriation

I sometimes surprise myself when I post about these hot button topics! Because, I usually don’t like feeding the trolls. Even when I saw ‘cultural appropriation’ splashed all over social media, I wasn’t really that interested in watching the video ....more

Young authors and a Blast from the Past

Remember the book we read for Multicultural Children’s Book Day...more

Don’t judge a Bird by its Feathers #ReadYourWorld

I’m so excited to participate in my second Multicultural Children’s Book Day where I review a book in children’s literature! My first book review was Real Street Kidz...more

Parenting then, now, and in the future

“Who’s that?”, asked Little a, “as we drove past...more

An Indian American family road trip

Warning! Lots of road trip pics from Sequoia National Park to follow! The winter and summer months are usually the prime times when our family takes a vacation ....more

Indian American Mom blog roundup for 2015

Another wonderful year is ending and I’m more than ready to take a break and just chill with a glass of wine! I’m taking a bloggy break for the rest of the month, dear readers, though I will appear on social media and your blogs, just to stay in touch! I usually use my last......more

Indian Americans and school grades

Grades! Or, rather our obsession with ‘A’s is well exemplified by a recent conversation I had with Big A. A little background: Big A is very strong is Math (duh! ...more

An Indian Thanksgiving feast

Hi everyone! After a wonderful four-day weekend, I must say it was really hard to return back to normal routine! Luckily, winter break is on its way! ...more

The Facebook profile picture overlay debate

I hate impulsive decision; I do make snap judgments, but I try not to express them until time has passed and I’m certain that what I thought is still true. The question of what it signified if someone put up the Facebook profile overlay of the French flag, versus what it signified if someone didn’t,......more

Making Indian sweets is a piece of cake!

Ain’t I clever mixing two scrumptious desserts into a single sentence title?! Seriously though, most of you, especially the non-Indians amongst my readers, would probably not think of making Indian sweets in your kitchen. “Where would I even start? ...more