Listening to kids with compassion #1000Speak

As I mentioned last blog post,...more

Ten Things of Thankful #TToT

After my debut on the 100th week of Ten Things Thankful, I haven’t really written much, but this week I felt compelled for more than one reason to spell out my gratitude! Even though I may make fun of my in-laws occasionally here, the last few weeks have shown me how wonderful they are..especially in......more

Indian Head Bobble discussed and decoded!

I checked; there are numerous articles of the Indian Head bobble, including the different versions of head bobbles and what it all means! The Indian head bobble that I am mainly interested in is the one that causes the most confusion (to me) because it seems to be a cross between a yes and a......more

Not fair – racism among Indians!!

My elder son, Big A and his friend were having a discussion about racism some time back and they called on me to clarify a point. According to Big A’s friend, racism could not exist within people of the same race; the whole definition of ‘racism’ logically belied the fact, he added. Unfortunately, I......more

Accepting our imperfect parenting with compassion #1000Speak

I did struggle a lot with this the #1000Speak July topic of Acceptance simply because I couldn’t think of a suitable topic to write about! It’s great to have a bloggy group to powwow ideas when one of us is stuck and within a few minutes of ‘conversation’, I decided that...more

Parenting older kids

I’m very excited to have been invited by Shailaja to write a post for her blog! After wracking my brain for several weeks over what the best topic to write on...more

Changing personalities

My department is conducting a fun and, possibly insightful, personality survey. The idea is to find out our different personalities and to use it in a brainstorming session...more

The Indian Mother-in-Law Chronicles

Now, before you all give that sharp intake of breath coupled with, “how could she?”, this is not a public post dissing my mother-in-law! Suffice to say that we have a healthy relationship of liking and respecting each other, but having our unique differences in opinion! My mom-in-law is a very traditional, religious, and......more

Compassion for a dolphin #1000Speak

I’m seriously late with my post, but I’m trying not to miss a single #1000Speak moment, so better late than never! Little a is a hoarder of stuffed animals. He has a number...more