Domestic Violence Awareness: The Children

From the outside, they look perfect.  The father, smiling, has his hair combed back and his arm rests casually around the shoulders of his wife.  The mother has a kerchief tied about her hair and her pretty dimples frame her upturned lips.  Their green-eyed son lifts his chin and grins confidently at the camera.  Only the girl might give you pause, looking up as she does from haunted blue eyes, her body pulled into itself as though she is attempting to disappear....more

On Scoliosis and Unfunny Flashbacks to 'Sixteen Candles'

I sit and watch as Fashionista tries out a tumbling class. She is the type who would like to be on the Pom Squad when she gets to seventh grade and would like to perfect her cartwheels. I secretly sneer at cheerleaders. Glorified strippers, I call them. To be honest, this is mostly due to the fact that my husband dated a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader years before I met him. But I pretend it is purely out of feminist sentiment. ...more
Mom on the Dark Side: I'm 53 years old and have lumbar scoliosis. It was diagnosed when I was 14 ...more

Scoliosis Mom: the grasping of reality

It was too painful to write about at the time.  I was too close to it; the pain choked me when I tried to put pen to paper.  Now I can write it down and hope that it helps someone who may be going through the same thing....more

Scoliosis Mom: the sentencing

My child sleeps.  Her flushed face has dry patches, due to over-zealous applications of acne products and her full lips are parted.  When she swallows, she grimaces in pain.  Her hands rest lightly on the hard plastic brace that wraps around her torso....more

Scoliosis Mom: the diagnosis

This time last year I was full-blown Scoliosis Mom.  I still am, but in a half-hearted, shrugging my shoulders, resigned sort of way.  I am the Brace Bitch ("Are you wearing?" "Put it on!" "Wear's your brace?"), but not screaming and brandishing coat hangers.  I have given in to my essential powerlessness; likely, when she is 40 and in the throes of crippling back pain, Fashionista will turn to me and say: "Why didn't you make me wear my brace?"For in being Scoliosis Mom, like in all other areas of motherhood, I am flailing and imperfect....more
I have a giant resource for you - This company was created by a Pilates ...more

Part one of All manner of bodily fluids; the secret thoughts of a preschool teacher

Argghhh!!  I carefully wrote a post about my first day teaching preschool, but only half of it is showing!  Now I must try to re-create what I wrote.......more

What Kind of Example Am I Setting by Getting a Face Lift?

The idea of someone messing around with my face is scary. And I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who died during a tummy tuck. What if I slip over the thin thread of life that holds the patient during anaesthsia, leaving my three girls? Indeed, what kind of example am I setting for them by undergoing elective surgery? ...more
i'm at the age where the thought crosses my mind...more

How to Stroke a Man's Ego

We adopted a cat.  He is a handsome fellow: wheaten-and-taupe striped, say the papers from the shelter, with a white face and clean white socks.  He accompanies me as I move through the house, purring and twining about my legs.  His shelter name was "Evel Knieval."  I wondered about the mispelling of the word "evil"--was this a Bible-thumping Texan's way of side-stepping potential Satanic references or a case of simple bad spelling?  I confess, I was slightly disappointed when I Googled the name and found that, indeed, that is how the daredevil himself spelled it....more

When Dad's Away, Mom Will Play: The Best Parts of Parenting Alone

And so I left him on the sidewalk outside of ticketing and drove away, praying that the call wouldn't come asking me to return to the airport and pick him up. It did not and I am blessedly free for a three-and-a-half weeks, a single mother of three. When people cluck sympathetically, I put on a brave game face, like I'm a plucky little soldier, but the truth is, there are many perks to being single....more
My husband is great...but there are days where he's gone for the day and it's just us that I do ...more