Part one of All manner of bodily fluids; the secret thoughts of a preschool teacher

Argghhh!!  I carefully wrote a post about my first day teaching preschool, but only half of it is showing!  Now I must try to re-create what I wrote.......more

What Kind of Example Am I Setting by Getting a Face Lift?

The idea of someone messing around with my face is scary. And I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who died during a tummy tuck. What if I slip over the thin thread of life that holds the patient during anaesthsia, leaving my three girls? Indeed, what kind of example am I setting for them by undergoing elective surgery? ...more
i'm at the age where the thought crosses my mind...more

How to Stroke a Man's Ego

We adopted a cat.  He is a handsome fellow: wheaten-and-taupe striped, say the papers from the shelter, with a white face and clean white socks.  He accompanies me as I move through the house, purring and twining about my legs.  His shelter name was "Evel Knieval."  I wondered about the mispelling of the word "evil"--was this a Bible-thumping Texan's way of side-stepping potential Satanic references or a case of simple bad spelling?  I confess, I was slightly disappointed when I Googled the name and found that, indeed, that is how the daredevil himself spelled it....more

When Dad's Away, Mom Will Play: The Best Parts of Parenting Alone

And so I left him on the sidewalk outside of ticketing and drove away, praying that the call wouldn't come asking me to return to the airport and pick him up. It did not and I am blessedly free for a three-and-a-half weeks, a single mother of three. When people cluck sympathetically, I put on a brave game face, like I'm a plucky little soldier, but the truth is, there are many perks to being single....more
My husband is great...but there are days where he's gone for the day and it's just us that I do ...more

Slipping Through My Fingers

They are all gone.  Off to have breakfast at Mimi's, an act of which I strongly disapprove.  I would disapprove regardless; as a life-long penny-pincher, I find breakfast out an extreme extravagence.  But after weeks of hemorrhaging Christmas money and my husband's employers handing out a $20K paycut in December, I am strongly against a budget-blowing sit-down breakfast....more

How Meat Loaf (almost) Saved My Marriage

OK.  Now where was I?  Two months ago, I fell into a vat of pain, black and viscous, deep anguish that made the surface of my brain ache and shivering tendrils of hurt to shoot through my limbs.  My blood sugar dropped to my toes and my body weight dwindled from low to lower as I skipped meals, too upset to lift a fork to my trembling lips.  I fought back tears in Target and wiped them from my eyes at the dinner table....more


This is what betrayal looks like.  It is the smiling blonde on your husband's Facebook page and his arm is around her in one, two, three pictures, but there are no pictures of you.  It looks like the shifty blue eyes that avoid making contact with yours, the arms that fold across his chest, shutting your out, the hand that pulls away when you reach for it.  It looks like the hard set of a mouth that was once soft, the jerky motion of a beer being raised to the lips that no longer kiss you....more

Hot Fevered Breath

I will keep it short.  All of them sleep upstairs, in various stages of illness.  Fashionista stayed home yesterday, feverish (again!!) and clogged with snot, with pain radiating from the sinuses.  We visited the doctor for prescriptions and then bopped down the thift store aisles, adding three new shirts (Goodwill is the best place to shop for Justice!) to her vast clothing collection, a Littlest Pet Shop stuffed animal, a mini Barbie, three Amber Brown books, a pair of flip flops, a Halloween shirt for Babygirl, a pad of kindergarten practice writing sheets, and a Dot Art s...more

A Heart Outside Your Body

What no one tells you when you are pregnant:Yes, having children means you get to re-live the world through young eyes--Christmas morning, having turned into a cynical gift-grab somewhere in late adolescence, is magical again, the first taste of ice cream is transcendent, a birthday (not your own!) is an occasion for spinning with joy, the skirt of your new dress flaring out around you....more