The Climate Impact of Your Groceries

It is probably surprising to many that palm oil production is responsible for contributing to global climate change by way of rainforest destruction. Our rainforests play an important role in stabilizing climate events. After Irene and Sandy hitting the Eastern U.S. we should all be looking at our everyday habits and how they relate to climate instability. See this article for more information on which food and beauty products contain palm oil and how this affects our globe.

How Your Coffee Choices Affect Global Climate and Storms Like Sandy

There is a direct link between the kind of coffee you purchase and our global climate. Extreme weather like Sandy hitting the East Coast of the U.S. is one example of how global climate change is affecting people. This article describes how your everyday choices can help or hinder climate stability.

Your Vote for Climate Stability

After Sandy, there really is no doubt that unprecedented storms are becoming more frequent. Don't waste your vote on a candidate that is not even talking about our climate and environmental changes. Our rainforests are what stabilizes our global climate. The severity of these storms is affected by global pollution and the destruction of the rainforest. Look to third party candidates on the ballot to call attention to climate change.

Drinking Water Fluoridation Side Effects and Study Details

It may be shocking to find out that the fluoride added to our drinking water is a waste by-product of the fertilizer industry and may be tainted with other impurities such as lead. What's been touted by the CDC as one of the most effective health interventions, drinking water fluoridation is now under scrutiny as scientific studies point to dangerous side effects like ADHD, cancer, and fertility problems. Find out if your water is fluoridated and what you can do about it....more