A Night Out!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the luxury of meeting new people and making new friends. Mom knows that is last on the agenda, sleep is first! Now that I’ve caught up on all those lost years I’ve been able to venture out, and have been please to discover a world of techy women, like Robyn Cohen LA director for Girls in Tech, http://www.girlsintech.net and Megan from Megs Make-up http://www.megsmakeup.com. Mom Lounge is looking forward to all the upcoming social gatherings! ...more


She is an icon and let’s not forget a Mom! I admire her free spirit and for knowing the rules and barely breaking them / Respect to W Magazine for the fine art photography of Madonna in all her glory. ...more

Overwhelming Octuplets

A life commitment 8 times all at once! Wow! As I soothed my daughter through her temperature today I couldn’t help but wonder how is it possible for 1 mother and 14 children? People Magazine noted Mom Nadya Suleman feeding her family from food stamps I continued to wonder how was she able to afford In Vitro and why would she have 8 eggs implanted if she couldn’t support her family with a zero income status? There was also mention of her psychological instability in the past 7 years, I’m not sure if 8 new babies was her answer to sanity! ...more

Life of a Tree

It was just after 6am this morning when I heard a thunderous sound and then a massive explosion, my house lit up a bright white then all at ounce complete darkness. A 100 ft Eucalyptus tree completed its 150 years of life today, with it went 3 power poles, a transformer box, telephone lines and the fencing of a public school before it finally lay itself in the playground. The zap sounds that followed from the 6000 volts sparking at snapped lines prompted my emergency calls to the Fire Department and LADWP. To follow story, http://cbs2.com/local/Laurel.Canyon.tree.2.936191.html ...more

Down and Dirty!

Moms get ready to wash your hands! According to a KCRW http://www.kcrw.com broadcast, America no longer produces enough food via agriculture to sustain its population, and it will take at least 1 generation to recover this loss of interest. As Moms we must take it upon ourselves to engage our children with the nature of the earth and initiate value for home grown eatables!  ...more


Shout out to M.I.A. for the sexiest Mom to be performance at the Grammy Awards, HIP HOP! ...more


Violence against women has existed since the dawn of mankind. The barbaric actions of Chris Brown spotlight his undeveloped and insecure nature and should be looked on as an opportunity to learn and grow. As Moms we represent the highest power! We are born leaders to our children, the choices we make lead to the Chris Browns or a man like Barack Obama. My thoughts go to Rihanna and her Mom whose arms she’s in. ...more

It's never easy!

I have a list that is bigger than me today, it started with my first priority Lila and getting her ready for preschool. My baby girl is growing and I'm feeling the bond change as she is becoming a little more independent and nonchalant about our good-bye...I practically begged for a kiss....I'm definitely smothering her with love and kisses when I get her back home :-) ...more

Balance and my Baby

I listened to a statistic today that noted that moms' are home more often but are spending less time with their children. The distractions of the online lifestyle and business have slid into first place with both SAHM AND WAHM! I felt a little shock when I had to admit, I was that MOM. My daughter an addict for animation is watching Peter Pan at the moment.   Just a little thought I would like to spread as I am going to make a conscious decision to play with her more often. OFF WITH THE TV! ON TO ME!    ...more