Losing compassion to the one closest to me


There is no timeline on grief

Happy Monday!!  I'm going to talk about people dying.   ...more
I lost my Grandma almost three years ago, very suddenly while she was on vacation.  I still ...more

First Sober Wedding

   Up until now I was fairly sure I would never really dance again. Like, I haven't gone out dancing in years. And I used to LOVE to dance. Dance dance dance.  ...more
Good for you Mom!  I applauded you on my blog:  http://whoabriety.com/wp/?p=70more

I have depression

And I fucking hate it. I try to ignore it and there are long periods of time that I can do just that.  I can pass it off as something it isn't.  I'm tired, but I can't sleep, or I'm crabby, or I don't feel like doing anything.  That translates into my brain that I am lazy, I am a bitch, and I am an awful person who isn't any fun. The truth is, I am some of those things sometimes. I am finding it harder and harder to be nice to the people who are closest to me. ...more


Nothing bugs me more than people trying to convert me to Jesus. Well...it's not THAT dramatic. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm GLAD you have Jesus, if you do. I'm GLAD you believe and have faith and it is everything to you. I'm GLAD that you have found what you needed through Jesus Christ. I mean this in the most serious way, without an ounce of sarcasm. If it fills up your life and makes you a better human, than I am grateful you have it. ...more

Is my kid an asshole?

  What do you do if your kid is an asshole? Like if you are raising a bully or a jerk, what do you do? And why aren't people more interested in how their kids are behaving socially?My boy got a "D" in Spanish last semester. I know he did his best and is almost always an "A" student.  But he struggles in Spanish.  When the teacher called me, she ended her message with, "he is a NICE boy, and I look forward to teaching him next year." ...more

Week one of our separation

Last week was one hell of a week. I have had my extreme ups and downs. I have gone through the panic of "am I making a mistake" to "oh my god I'm not making a mistake, but this sucks." Then there was the massacre in Connecticut, and my heart turned to lead. I did my best last week to not text Bob. I usually start out my days feeling strong and on top of things. I tell myself that I won't text him or respond to his texts. But as the days go on, I get lonely, angry and I can talk myself into saying just "one" thing to him....more

Since you've been gone

My kids have been poorly trained to help around this house. I have written this before.  They don't do much. This has been, for the most part, my own fault for not training them. My mom never made me do anything around the house. And I mean nothing. She made my bed, dusted, vacuumed, brought me a snack while I watched TV, everything. ...more

In sickness and in health

I've been married for 20-1/2 years to Bob. It has been wonderful. It has been horrible. And it is over.Bob has left the building. He's moved out. He's gone.We have been through a lot together. Over half my life. He has been my family. We were in love for so much of it. But it's different now. He isn't capable of it, and I'm not capable to be without it. Plus, I get so mean and disappointed with him, it isn't fair. He is a good man, and he deserves better. I am a good woman, and I deserve the same. We have grown up together, but we have not grown together. We grew apart....more

Thank you all

I want to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who have said a kind, supporting word to me when I wavered about being completely honest.   To those who have sent messages, emails, called, helped me.  Those that have listened me talk about this stuff over and over.  Who watched me question myself and my motives.  The kind comments on this blog, the connections on Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you.  To my sponsor, my dear friends, my dad and my sister, thank you. ...more