I am Mom Enough!!!

 I am Mom Enough!!! ...more

Potato Casserole Polish Way

I remember this dish from Poland. Years back when my sister used to make it. I don’t really mean that it’s a “Polish way” dish but I’d looked for some recipes in English and I couldn’t find any. I found many potato casserole recipes but they were not what I had in mind, what I remembered....more

Delicious and Easy Dinner Rolls

It was love at the first sight. Seriously. When I saw them I already knew I’m going to love every single bite, and I did. They are so easy and fast to make (not counting the rising time, of course), that when I took them out from the oven my husband was really surprised that he didn’t see me kneading and mixing and making all that mess around the kitchen (of course I did, but it wasn’t really that bad and everything went really fast)… ....more

Do I want a porn star to educate people about breasfeeding?! Hmm.. NO!

I like Kate Hansen. I like her work, and I like what she's trying to say to the World through her art, but I wasn't sure about what she posted on her facebook wall yesterday. I think, I shouldn't have said anything, as I am not very good at discussing things, especially in English. I always feel like people misunderstand me because of the simple (I think sometimes too simple considering the topic) vocabulary I use....more

Crochet Easy Bracelet

I'm a begginer in crochet but, so far I'm loving it! Crochet Bracelet I very proud of...Pattern for the belt: ...more

Do you like your neighbours?!

I DON'T !!!!It’s midnight, for a few days now, we’ve been trying to go to bed earlier than usual. We try to get up earlier just to feel better in general, and to have more things done during the day....more

lol... exactly... stomp! stomp! stomp! but in my case it's: ...more

Homemade lotion/face cream recipe

A few days ago my friend asked my why I look so much older than I used to (sigh!!!) Imagine! Maybe because people get older, and when they get older they look older. Maybe because I am not 21 anymore like all of his girlfriends. Maybe because I do not wear an inch of a make-up on my face every single day. And maybe because I like the sun and I am not a vampire as most of his friends think they are ....more

i often DYI if i can just do it, in that way you know what's in the things you use. thanks for ...more

When is the right time to start teaching your kid manners?!

A few months ago I read blog post @ Classy Chaos, where it was mentioned that spoon feeding isn’t a common parenting practice in the United States. American moms don’t do that? Is that right?! So, what’s not American in feeding your baby with a spoon!? Is it about how to teach them to be independent right from the start? Do American infants bake chocolate cookies and apple pies, as well?!...more