I Found the Perfect Halloween Costume Without Going Insane!

This year I flat out refused to shop at Party City for Halloween costumes. I have a preteen and a teen and let's just say that the Juniors Halloween costumes in Party City are located adjacent to the Adult costumes. Now why does this bother me? Well, the Adult costumes on display are almost pornographic and entirely inappropriate for children, preteens, teens, and this mom(!) to be observing. The Adult costumes are often designed for a couple to wear together...need I say more? ...more

Student or full ticket needed to BlogHer for blogging newbie

Looking for a BlogHer ticket -- student or full -- for BlogHer newbie ...more

Dear Clothing Manufacturer

Dear Clothing Manufactuers: I'm not happy with the size and style of clothing that I need to wear. Three pregnancies and a largely nonexistent willpower have left me with a great deal of weight to lose. For this I take full responsibility. It is entirely my fault that I still eat the occasional bag of Doritos and still drink a Starbucks mocha from time to time. But, the state of the clothing that I choose from is entirely your fault. ...more

Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover...I'm Not Picky I Just Need a Vacuum

I just got a cardio workout vacuuming my entire house with the hose attachment since the main part of the vacuum is broken. Oh, my back, my aching back. And, to top it off I have two daughters, so when I wasn't bending over to vacuum, I was bending down to pick up hair accessories, odd socks, Webkinz, and other flotsam and jetsam on the floor of their rooms. Dyson take me away. ...more

Eating By the Decades: My Children

My three children were born to the same parents, live in the same house, eat the same food, but were born in different decades. Now why would I mention decades in relation to food? Well, my daughters were born in the 90s, while my son was born in 2003. My daughters are picky eaters, while their brother will eat anything. ...more

Is the Coffee Table Obsolete?

For as long as I can remember, there has been a coffee table in my living room or family room. It was present in the row house of my babyhood and the single family home of my childhood. In my early married life we had a stand-in for a coffee table: a milk crate adorned with wrapping paper according to the season. As soon as we could afford one we purchased a Thomasville coffee table to match our end tables. I loved it. It would seem that the coffee table has always been an integral part of family room furnishings. ...more

Christmas Decorating Lite

Not to sound grumpy, but I am just a little tired of doing ALL the Christmas decorating. In truth, I set myself up for this predicament. In general I consider myself a careful person. I'm the type who holds a precious ornament in one hand while my other hand rests underneath for safekeeping. So, it goes without saying that I have a set of rules for decorating. More than once my husband has called me a grinch about my decorating habits. ...more

A Case of Minivan Dumping Syndrome

It shouldn't be this hard to keep a two-year-old minivan clean. During the day I either drive to specific errands or stay home. It's not like I drive hundreds of miles each week while eating a Big Mac. It's not like I don't have three kids in full-day school. When I do drive it is just me, until the evenings when I drive my kids to activities. So, why can't I keep my minivan clean? I surveyed my minivan tonight and found the following items on the floor of the minivan: ...more

the people who drive her.

My minivan always looked like that. TW's did too. In fact I ...more

Could the Music in Hollister Be Any Louder?

My daughter can think of nothing better than shopping at the mall. At almost 13 she is the prime target audience for mall stores, such as Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Hollister, and American Eagle. As her mom I can think of nothing worse than shopping at the mall. The music in the stores is too loud. The merchandise is too expensive...a sweatshirt for $70, a scarf for $30? The clothing displays are packed together, which makes the store even more claustrophobic. Insanity! When did I become such a fuddy duddy? ...more

When You End Up in the Drivethrough Lane at Burger King

With even the best of intentions it can be hard to stick to eating healthy meals all the time. Healthy eating is not just important for mom, but for the whole family. Inevitably there will be that day when errands run too long or there are just too many activities to squeeze in dinner when a meal at a fast food restaurant will be all that you can manage to feed yourself and your kids. ...more