Kids belong to homes!

DC area Hotels Reviewed and the result is ... When you have a kid, his happiness becomes your happines suddenly.Fortunately, kids are happy with small things. For example today, I have created a monster out of a regular water melon! It is not something so special for me or neither for my husband. However, on the other hand for my son it is the changing point of the world.... Anyways.. You know that I have been doing a research using natural observation technique. ( I am not crazy, just an economist! We love doing the "natural observation" thing and recording our findings) ...more

Marriage is about how you handle it...

Marriage is about how you handle it ... (A big test of patience) Marriages can be hard. I know it is not easy to live with a different person from some different life.  It is always that things in life can happen but it the end it matters how you r3eact to it and how you solve it. My grandparents are married for 52 years. My grandfather was telling us how he fell inlove with my grandmother in a cruise. They were from same country, same religion and same language but there were still problems....more