Camp Iwannapeepee

Day 1 at Camp Iwannapeepee:  We have arrived.  I don't know what to make of this place.  The uniforms are strange (no pants) and the food is mediocre.  But, I've signed up and there's no turning back now.  We are quarantined to the backyard.  They claim it's for the outdoor experience, but I think there's something else going on. ...more

No Olympian Left Behind

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing now.  You have to hide under a rock to avoid finding out how the contenders are fairing.  The social not-working sites are abuzz with all the stats, successes, failures, and highlights of the events.  Even in my house, the girls are playing "Yimpics" complete with "stwetching", "simming" and "dibing".  And, it's breathtaking to watch these athletes.  This is the moment they have trained for their entire lives.  Years of coaching, trials, competitions, exercise, no desserts, no social life nothing but preparation to get...more

Lowest Common Denominator Diet Plan

I was checking out the super important news du jour (TomKat Divorce info) when I stumbled upon the "Best and Worst Foods to Eat on a Diet"....more

Mama's Backpack of Guilt

I didn't know it at the time, but when I left the hospital carrying my new bundle of wonderful, I also gained a new piece of luggage. I'm not sure exactly when I received it - although I suspect it was when I was receiving my epidural (which is probably why they kicked my husband out of the room). Maybe in the 50,000 pieces of paper I signed about not shaking my baby, vaccinations and horrible newborn photos - they slipped this in. I'm not sure....more
This is so great. I laughed out loud twice. I completely understand how you feel! Thank you.more

Is It Okay To Cheat If No One Finds Out?

Scanning the room, my periphery vision spots something that draws my attention.   Breathing deeply, I dare to look again, hoping to catch an eyeball of delicious. Oh. Wow.  I feel my hypothalamus kick into overdrive.  My heart quickens.  I want to tear my eyes away but I keep staring unabashedly.  I know it's wrong - but sometimes temptation overrides the senses. ...more

Things No One Warned Me About Prior To Kids

Any career aspirations as a high flying trampoline artist are gone.  No longer can you jump on a trampoline without dire consequences and a change of clothing waiting in the wings.Your boobs will inadvertently be flashed to complete strangers as well as family and friends by your children sticking their hands down the front of your shirt while perched on your hip.  Every shirt you own will be covered in snot, drool, chewed up animal crackers and stickers while slowly being converted from a crew to a V-neck.  Or, more like a U neck....more

Please Stop Looking At My Asana

There's a personal trainer at the gym who has a body to die for.  She's perfectly tone....more

Is Yoga Really Enough?

I'm standing next to the door waiting for the class to begin.  I'm starting to feel comfortable with my beginner yoga basics and even toying with the idea of taking a more challenging Vinyasa class.  I have a headache from my ponytail being too tight....more

You Clearly Know Nothing About Horses

After years of dating Mr. Right at the Wrong Time, Mr. Not Really Right, Mr. All Kinds of Wrong and Mr. Not Right For Anything but Prison, I had given in to the notion that I was going to be a crazy cat lady.  But, a girl can still dream, right?  God, please send me someone who is driven, smart, handsome, and blond with an accent.  I was greasing up my crochet needle to start making Kleenex box covers when I was introduced to my future husband....more

Roaring Dandelions

Emmeline received the book Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen for Christmas.  It is her absolute favorite book - therefore we read it 56,000 times a day.  In the story a lion enters a NYC public library.  It's welcome to stay and enjoy the benefits of the library as long as it doesn't break any of the established rules....more