Game of the Month: Bananagrams

I’m a bit behind on my game of the month posts. Did I miss two months? Ooops ....more

Picture Books that Teach Kids to Combat Racism

Books are a great teaching tool, especially when it comes to talking to kids about tough subjects. Many parents might struggle with talking to their kids about institutionalized racism and prejudice and I hope these picture books about racism will help, because an open and honest dialogue...more

Water Refraction Science Experiment

This water refraction science experiment has such a “wow factor” and is so quick and easy I can’t believe my kids and I haven’t done it before. It would fit right in with our DIY science camp series, too. Best of all, there is almost no set up, but once I showed it to the kids, they experimented on their own and debated the reasons for the results ....more

School Frame Coloring Pages

Oh, school pictures. We all have at least one that makes us say, “Look at my hair!” This month’s coloring page from Melanie Hope Greenberg will help you frame your kids’ adorable school pictures so that they, too, can one day look back and say, “I was such a dork!” Print out the frames on card stock, and kids can color them in to their hearts desire. Then give them away to grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins and neighbors ....more

Chapter Books That Teach Empathy

It could be said that all books teach kids to have compassion for others by helping them understand the lives of others who are different from themselves, which is why making this list of chapter books that teach empathy could include hundreds of books. However, I have grudgingly narrowed it down to eleven...more

Cooperative Math Dice Games

We acquired a set of Math Dice a few years ago and my son loved playing with them but they have been languishing in the game closet for a while now so I thought it was time to bring them out for our final...more

More Favorite Picture Books of 2015 (Part 2)

Time for more of our favorite picture books of the year. I like to make a few of these lists as the year goes on. Primarily because it is an easy way to keep track of my kids’ “best” picture books but also because we have too many favorites to confine to a single list! ...more

Fraction Games for Kids

My neighbor’s mom is a math tutor and she likes to discuss how “Kids these days just don’t get fractions!” (Be sure to say that in a New York accent.) Whatever the reason, fractions can be difficult to understand. However,...more

Simple Spirolateral Math Art for Kids

We are working on patterning and math art this week for...more