I'm going to #BlogHer16!!

I am so excited for August 4-7, I am going on a solo trip to Los Angeles to attend BlogHer16! I am a complete conference newbie and I am also a bit nervous. But you need to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Can't wait to network with bloggers and brands and soak in as much as I can about how to grow with my blog and online presence!  Please say Hi to me if you are going, I will most likely be the one standing there alone because I won't know anyone going!  Tabithahttp://www.lovetabitha.com...more

MRSR Express Train Rides

We’ve been to the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad a couple times; we’ve done the Pumpkin Express and the Santa Express! And we loved them both. Next month we get to experience the Bunny Express, which sadly it looks like all but 1 ticket is sold out ....more

Why you should get a zoo membership!

This past week we went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium 3 times! And just from those visits our deluxe combo membership was paid for. I’m telling you if your local...more


Wow, talk about time flying by! It’s been OVER a month since I’ve been here,...more

Home teams

My awesome (or so I thought) $2 find at Fred Meyers! lol At least it’s my favorite number ;) In the last two years I have only watched two NFL games, the super bowls and only because it was my home state team. I honestly don’t know anything about the Seahawks, and that goes for every other professional sport team in Washington ....more

Our Typical Week

I know I constantly rant about how busy we are, so I thought I’d write about what our typical week looks like, since you hardly ever see me on here. I like to remind myself how fortunate we are we only have one child, and can’t imagine how much busier life would be with more children. So, here’s a break down of last week and any other usual’s ....more

Kidz Gear

Kidz Gear...more

Want to win a $25 itunes giftcard?

Who wants to win a $25 itunes giftcard? I thought I’d host a giveaway, just because; to thank you awesome readers! And our home team, SEAHAWKS are going to super bowl! ...more

Let them be kids with pillow forts and Pop Secret Popcorn!

“The key to a good Pop Secret pillow fort isn’t perfection, it’s imagination and fun.” The key to an awesome pillow fort isn’t about perfection, it’s about spending time with your family, using your imagination and just having a great time. Your fort doesn’t need to be an extravagant 3 bedroom fort with white string lights inside, it could be a simple bed sheet thrown over two chairs. It’s a right of passage for a child to at least make one pillow fort in their lifetime, so parents take a night off from cleaning and turn your living room into pillow fort heaven ....more

Beginner Blogger? 15 tips to help you along the way

First off I’m no where near an expert, heck I can’t even keep up. But there are a few things I’ve learned along the way and believe me I learn something new every day. I’ve been blogging since 2010, but no where near a full time blogger and I don’t believe that title is in the future anytime soon ....more