Tonight I had planned on spending a few minutes working on my post about the murder trial, but instead I have other thoughts that have been on my mind about Thanksgiving and what it has been in my life. -The definition of Thanksgiving is: the expression of gratitude, especially to God. -Gratitude is defined as: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness ....more

Face To Face

I never knew life was going to be filled with so many moments. Moments of much strength have come when I have least expected them—but moments of overwhelming weakness have hit at a time when I thought I was strong. It is hard to prepare for all the moments we will face in our lives, because frankly we never know what is even just seconds away ....more

Absolutely Not

It seems— just about when you have things figured out in life, something new comes up to change it all. I have always taken pride in my creations—including the ones that were only in my mind. I like to have a plan and I look forward to crossing things off of as I go ....more

Monday Giveaway winner

Tia Christian (Facebook) you are todays winner! Congratulations. Please message me your info to where you want your books to be sent ....more

Monday Giveaway

Mondays are kind of downers sometimes. I am missing the weekend today! So I want to give something away ....more

Fear with Faith

Tonight after I tucked all the kids in bed Bostyn came running out into the hall. She grabbed on to my hand and pulled me back into the twin’s room. She was a little bit shaky and said, “Mom ....more

Doggy Doggy

In the next few months I am going to be writing about parts of our journey through the murder trial. Those days are still so very raw and emotionally charged that I haven’t quite figured out where to begin—but today I was playing with Kaleeya and Tytus and realized I have not yet introduced another member of our family. Meet Doggy Doggy ....more


The winner of the giveaway is @lynziloo15 on Instagram. Get me your info and I will get these sent out in the morning! Congrats! ...more

Double Book Giveaway Take 2

The hustle and bustle of summer finally feels like it is coming to an end, and I am kind of excited to feel a chill in the air. I am going to be spending more time in doors working on book 2 and journaling on the blog, but today I want to do another book giveaway. Please leave a comment on the blog,...more


I don’t think we will ever fully comprehend the impact someone will have on our lives until they are gone. It has been said that no one really hears your voice until you no longer have one. Many artists don’t sell their masterpieces until after they have passed away; many noblemen are not considered smart in the flesh ....more