Banana is my Dawg: Megan's Misheard Lyrics

Have you ever been singing a song with all your heart, only to have a friend laugh at you for singing the wrong lyrics?...more

What Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Taught me About Same-Sex Marriage

Disclaimer: I'm not a lesbian and I will never be one. I've always respected the sexual orientation of others, though. In my freshperson year at Dillard University, I had to write an argumentative essay on same-sex adoption. Even though most of my classmates were against it, I was for it. I couldn't really tell you why I was for it. I just know that I thought it was wrong to deny people parenthood just because you assume their sexual orientation makes them unfit....more

My First 3 Months as a Bloggerina: 9 Lessons and 3 Reflections

After reading "Happy Anniversary to Me" on Megan's Minute, I've decided to share what I've learned during my first three months as a bloggerina. I've learned mostly through trial and error—as all bloggers do—but I've also learned a lot from others in the blogosphere. For lessons and reflections from my first three months as a bloggerina, please read the rest....more

Cheats for Ethnic Cooking: 18 Pantry Must-Haves

New Orleanians cook practically everything with a mixture of diced bell peppers, onions and celery, commonly called “The Holy Trinity.” All cuisines have a few can’t-live-without ingredients; That’s what distinguishes chicken parmigiana (Italian) from chicken creole (Creole) and chicken creole from chicken tinga (Mexican). The easiest way to feign a mastery of different ethnic cuisines, is to know the key ingredients....more

The 10 Rudest Questions a Person can Ask

Society wants us to believe that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Well I beg to differ. Here are ten of the STUPIDEST and RUDEST questions a person can ask. NEVER ask these questions...EVER....more

After 40 Years, Sesame Street is Still the Best Kids' TV Show

A few mornings ago, I found myself mesmerized by a musical number on Sesame Street. I watched the rest of the show and was delighted to see that the Sesame Street I watched in the 80's and 90's, is the same as the one that airs today. I caught another episode this morning and had the same experience....more

Sounds cute! I can tolerate Elmo when he's playing 2nd banana, like he does when paired with ...more

10 Etiquette Rules You MUST Observe

First impressions are lasting impressions and you certainly don't want anyone to discount your credibility simply because you weren't observing simple etiquette rules....more

On Behalf of my Fellow Katrina Survivors, "THANK YOU!"

For years I had been wanting to write this post, but I never could get it out. Although I was overwhelmingly thankful to everyone who was there for us, I still had a lot of pain in my heart about the whole Katrina situation. I didn't know how to say "Thank you" without feeling like I was pardoning the people who hurt us; The ones who in 2007 made horrible posters for the ...more