Parenting Tips to Empower Parents to Interact Positively with Their Child

Some Tips to Empower Parents to Create Positive Relationships with their children: • Trust your feelings about how to parent your child. There are no experts, only people who can offer you advice. The expert is you and every child is unique in their experience. • Honor your child’s natural abilities. Every child is unique and needs to be recognized for the values they have within themselves. • Be willing to be flexible while correcting your child. Punishments handed out while feeling frustration or anger are usually overreactions to how we are feeling in the moment. ...more

Momference: A Meeting of the Moms

A mom has a million things to do and countless unrealistic expectations. There’s work and career, meals to cook, laundry to do, and noses to be wiped… and oh, your husband needs your attention too! It’s no wonder that your needs fall to the bottom of the list. Well this is your chance to walk past the unfolded laundry and focus on a little MOM time. Our experts can help turn your dreams into reality and completely transform your home, health, family, and career. ...more