Just The Feet

Oh Massages, how we have a mixed up relationship. On the one hand I yearn for you constantly, on the other I am a nervous wreck when I finally get someone to start rubbing my sore parts.It’s all about the feet for me. You can take all that g spot rubbish to the bin because I know where my g spot is, and it’s in my feet....more

Sometimes You Get Motherblessings and Sometimes You Get Amazing Guacamole

UPDATE on Mother BlessingThe Mother Blessing went well.I decided at the last minuet to give her a shell I had found on the shore of Haida Gwaii. The shell was pretty precious to me so it felt right to give it to my friends who are also precious to me....more

Spinach And Beads

Tomorrow I am going to a Blessingway. For those of you who do not know what that is (and I am one of you) it is a sort of ceremony to celebrate and support the mother to be, before she gives birth.Here is a sight that has more information on itBirthBeads.com...more

The Cat Got my Tongue

I was reminded today of yet another tongue injury I endured while I was a child.  If you are a frequent reader, you probably have already read about the time I licked a razor.What reminded me of this particular injury was watching Biter encounter a cat for the first time. Well no the first time ever, because, for some reason when he was very little (still just hanging out in the car seat not doing much) people felt compelled to coax their cats to come and sniff him.Aww isn’t that cute. Look he is sitting on your baby. So sweet....more

My Weekend With Spiderman

I bought Lil Red a Spiderman action figure this weekend for a few reasons....more

Seeing Red

As a step mother, to a red-haired child, I have had to become an ambassador for red-headed children. I'm sure other parents of  red-heads know what I am talking about.Often when I take Lil Red out in public I must have a few conversations with various people about his hair. I don’t mind, I’m kind of proud of it, (even though it has nothing to do with me) I love that he gets positive attention from strangers and that people regard red hair as being so special....more