It was Snowing!?

Seriously… last week I was wearing shorts around the house and outside (only while home… I didn’t get much sun this summer… I don’t need to blind people)… today? Today it was snowing as I walked across campus to my bi-weekly appointment up there. By the time I was driving home it wasn’t just tiny snowflakes spitting from the sky either. Although, I suppose because of the temps last week the ground was too warm for anything to stick. And of course I didn’t get my camera out to take a picture to post. So I guess you have to just take my word for it. But it was there. And it was cold....more

Preparing for the Future

First off, sorry for the rant yesterday. Sometimes I simply must get things onto the screen so that I can get things off my mind. Now… Don’t be surprised if I fall off the face of the planet by mid January. I just signed up for three college courses: Business Calculus, Principles of Financial Accounting, and Principles of Marketing. Do you think it’s obvious that I changed my major to Business/Finance? I’ll be challenging two additional classes in hopes I can get the credit without taking the time or paying the fees for the credits....more

Momma Monday- An Overdue Rant

This post has been on my mind a lot. Let me tell you that posting this has potential blow back whether it’s direct or indirect. However, some things just need to be addressed. I’m not going to list names, but I suppose anyone who is familiar or close to the situation will be well aware of what it’s about....more