The H Word

My son wanted to use the H Word.  I'm proud he didn't.


From the blog today, seconds ago, I took a sip of coffee.   17 minutes ago, I listened to my work voice mail.   17 hours ago, I watched a football game with my family.   17 days ago, I was out having sushi with my 'hood mommas.   17 months ago, I was recovering from elective surgery   17 years ago, my little brother was killed in a car accident.   He was 17.   The date was January 17, 1994. ...more

Do you ever?

Originally posted on my blog 8/10/2010

I sure do! I then wonder how they would I would cope....more

Just the facts

Originally posted on 6/11/2008

In a nutshell

Originally published 5/26/2008 on the lonely lil blog... ...more