Annoying Mosquitoes

I'm not even talking about the wee vampirical bugs that like to steal my life force from my ankles and drive me batty with the itchy aftermath of their dinner... I'm talking about this. Ring tones that only teens can hear. WHOO HOO! Teens can finally trick adults into believing they aren't on the phone! ...more

I still haven't learned

That when my husband says.. "Hey, I'm taking you somewhere. It's kind of a surprise, Mother's Day Part I. You might want to put on some nicer clothes." I should listen. He knows me. He should, we've been married for almost six years. When Not the Momma says that, I should just say to myself "Shut up and do as he says." Nope instead, I whine about how I really don't want to change my clothes. Can't I go like this? Where are we going? Why won't you tell me? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. ...more

What is the NAU?

This week's PrompTuesday is to give an inspirational speech in 150 words. I am cheating a bit. I am prefacing this with the fact that between looking at links, etc. I have spent probably 15 minutes on this, and I have no idea how many words I am using. I am sorry for cheating, but I am trying to inspire here... and I'm not talking about something that can easily be summed up in 10 minutes and 150 words. My inspirational speech is to YOU. YOU who are reading about this. Find out what the heck is going on. ...more

Fancy, I am Not.

Fancy, I am not. I always want to be that woman who has it all together, bakes creative and beautiful, yet healthy food. I want to be the woman whose house is immaculate and well put-together. In the back of my mind I desire for my house to look like it came out of a Pottery Barn catalog, my food to look like the pictures in the cookbooks, and my family to be dressed well, and act like the perfect Christian family. I try to reach for these dreams and I often find that I fall short. Because, Fancy, I am not. ...more

Sound like your family is happy and blessed. I enjoyed your post.

Gena - more

I got my X back...

Who knew that I would have so much help with this whole 'letter' theme this month? I got my X back. Yes sirree BOB! After losing my X during a 'routine laptop cleaning' (HA!), I lost it. I looked. I looked under and in and around the chair where said cleaning took place. I looked everywhere. I even ripped apart a vacuum bag (Yes, Nessa, I looked IN the vacuum!) and dumped its contents onto the floor looking for that X. X. Was gone. Not to be found. ...more

My X is gone.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Isn't that how all terrible stories start? Like the one I'm about to tell you. Be warned.. for those of you, like me, that have lurid affairs with their computers and blogging... This may cause nightmares. I'm warning you. It is terrible! Well, if you insist upon reading, I can't stop you. ...more

Are we REALLY protecting our Kids?

Parents, Teachers, Caregivers to Children: I have been watching you. I have become one of you recently, and sometimes I think I need to talk to all of you about some things that I see happening. One thing that scares the heck out of me is how much we ‘protect’ our kids. I understand and empathize with the fact that we don’t want our children to be disappointed. It hurts us as parents to see our children become sad and down when things don’t go their way. But what I’d like to say to you is that disappointment is part of life, and part of learning how to be a decent human being. Aren’t we as parents, setting our kids up for disaster by shielding them from everything that could hurt their feelings? Aren’t we harming them by sending them into the world unprepared to deal with rejection? ...more

I agree to some extent, but I also think that life's harsh realities should be introduced ...more

My "God Pill." It started working.

Before I begin, I will post another silly quiz for "Friday Fun." I just have to say a few things first: Today is Good Friday. Yesterday through Sunday, Easter Weekend, are probably the most important holidays in Christiandom. Even more important than Christmas. I'm not kidding. I read Daily Mantra's blog, Religion is the New Prozac a while ago. It led me to think about my experiences growing up, the Easter season, and everything going on in my life. ...more

And to think, Last year I gave up OTC Meds...

The other night, after turning down the late night advances for intimacy...yet again... Not the Momma said: "I know you're supposed to give up something you like for Lent, but SHIT Mary!" and rolled over to contemplate his rejection. I think I need to um, tend to Not the Momma now. You know, before he spends our life savings on a hooker. ...more

Whatever Happened to Scrubs?

You know, that TV show about all the crazy doctors. Come on, you have to remember it! Zach Braff played JD. JD, who always had an internal monologue that sometimes took the show in funny directions. Did that make JD Crazy? If you think it did, then, please stop reading. I don't want to freak out any of the internets that have only started showing up here. ...more