Play Land to Bistro???

     What happened to the days when everywhere you went there was a play ground or play place?...more

Review Time!!! :o)

      A few weeks ago Amy from Fair Haven Health sent my husband and I some things to try. I got the FertileCM and Hubby got the FertilAid for Men. This going to be a review on the FertileCM. Hubby’s review on the FertilAid for Men because he only started taking it last week. He was out of town when we received them :/. His review will come in a couple weeks....more

~*~*~*~Wordless Wednesdays~*~*~*~

Haleigh was 2 weeks old :o) She and her Daddy are watching the Carolina vs Clemson Game.     ...more

That's awesome :) I am a Carolina fan but Hubby is die hard Clemson ...more

Formula vs Breast??? My Thoughts