Lillia Right Now: Sing!

Lillia loves music. When she was a baby, I would sing "Ooh Child" to her and she would smile no matter what. Despite my lack of talent in the area, I sing to her each night when I put her to bed....more

For people without children who have NO. IDEA.

You live in a world with human beings who, fortunately/unfortunately (circle one), reproduce. It is pretty much inevitable that you will, at some point, run into a child in your life. Said child might be crying and/or screaming bloody murder. When this happens, it sucks for everyone involved....more

The Big 3-0

I once thought that when I turned 18, I would be an adult. But then I turned 18 and I still worked at KFC and occasionally had minor run-ins with the law and went to parties at the end of long, dirt roads in the middle of nowhere that had bonfires and Natural Ice beer and boys who beat each other up. ...more

The Anniversary Edition

Note: I intended to post this yesterday, on the ACTUAL anniversary of my blog. However, my web host decided a good anniversary present to me would be to interrupt service because, even though I updated my credit card and address, they were apparently not prepared to deal with that. So, moving on... ...more

The inevitable first curse word

"Gosh darn it!" I said when I saw that Lillia had, once again, taken all her puzzles from the shelf and turned them upside down to form a giant, scary-looking pile of various animal and princess parts on her bedroom floor. It was five minutes before her bedtime and I have a hard time putting her down when her room is a mess. Call me anal. Everyone else does...