Upcycle Necklace

 I've been wanting to make a necklace like this for about a year now and I FINALLY got around to it! http://mommiejoys.blogspot.com/2013/04/up-cycle-necklace.html...more

Gluten Free in Kauai, Hawaii

My family just got back from Kauai, Hawaii!...more

Social Media in the Life of a Christian Mommie

In the last few months I've had a few conversations which included the topic of social media.    These conversations have made me think, ya know, they've gotten my dander up!  *smiles*Should I be active in social media as a Mommie?  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like take a LOT of time.  But how do I balance having a "life" with being a full-time mom and wife?This Mommie Rant post will cover some of my thoughts on the issue.To read the rest of this post, please visit......more

Burlap and Vintage Button Wreath

Very cute!more

What IS normal?

As a Christ-follower, mother and wife, sometimes I do wonder,"What's normal?" "Is there really such a thing as a "normal" marriage or a "normal" child?""Am I normal?" Nope....more

DIY Topiaries

So my friend and I were happily strolling through a fancy shop in the quaint, historic part of her town and we spied these amazing topiaries.  At about $65 retail price, I was shocked.  My friend mentioned how easy it would be to make them.  And of course, I agreed.  *smiles*I'd been wanting to find something tall and "natural" for the dresser in our master bedroom.  The topiaries were the perfect idea!  I decided that I didn't like the clay pot look, and used some chalkboard paint I had purchased earlier....more

Cheapo Anthro Paper Scrap Letters

 So I fell in LOVE with the Anthropologie letters.  Ain't they grand?  Each one is unique and they're id="mce_marker"4 a pop!  (Unless they're on sale!)...more

Vintage Gun Cabinet to Jewelry Hutch

Habitat for Humanity has a great store not far from our house.  One time we just "stopped in" and this is what I fell in love with...it was only $25....more
That is wonderful. Having all things in one storage is great to avoid chaos and time consumption ...more

Disney Princesses. Fairy tale or reality?

I have a problem.  And this problem is a tricky one.  I don't like the Disney Princess culture.  It bothers me. Another part of this problem is that my daughter is noticing the princess stuff everywhere we go - everywhere.  (Standing in line at Lowes they're selling Disney Princess color books!)  She's really drawn to it and loves being a princess.  Thus, why it's on my mind.Let me set the record straight...I love dress up.I love pretend/make believe....more

Garden Fresh Salsa

So, as I posted a couple days ago, my daughter and I just returned home from vacation.  My friends had a wonderful, wonderful garden going full steam.  The tomatoes were so ripe and begging to be used.To read the rest of this post visit...http://mommiejoys.blogspot.com/2012/09/garden-fresh-salsa.html...more