Middle School Drama

Well school is offically back in session for my kids. It's only been in a week as of today and there's already Middle School Drama. The neighbor girl down the street started going to our school this yr. I blog about her once already. My oldest and her are not friends righ now and she swears that my daughter is spreading rumors about her which is proablly a lie and she just saying that to get attention cause she don't get enough attention at home....more

When is enough? (Rant)

My husband brought home cat litter, he works for Clorox in cat litter field loading truck trailers and stuff like that. So they have give away once or twice a month. This time he brought home like 20 28lbs of boxes of cat litter. Before you ask, yes we have two cat of our own but that not the point the point is that I have this neighbor that already has a bunch of cat littler for that would last long time for her one cat that she did have now that she got 2 more cats total of 3 cats she thinks since I told my other neighbor friend that we got cat litter she want more of it....more

Oldest Volunteering, School Stuff

  So my olderest daughter might be volunteering at our local YMCA in daycare. I think this could be good for her if she gets it. She only 12 going to be 13 in Jan. so not to sure if they will let her, but she did fill out forum and they did tell her she was first one to turn hers in so she has a good chance of getting it. I hope so, she needs more things to keep her busy so she not wanting to run around town to much since there isn't a whole lot to do in our town this be good for her....more

Bath Time

So summer is about to end and school is about to begin (around my area anyway it is). Bath time has been lax this summer to say the least. Does that make me a bad mom for not making them take one on regulatory basis? Probably to most moms but I am not most moms. During summer month I slack off on that kind of thing....more
My littlest loves the outdoors! By the time he comes in at night he is covered in dust, mud, and ...more

New to BlogHer

Hi! I am new to BlogHer. I heard about BlogHer 11 on Twitter and thought hey I look it up, so I did. I like what I saw so I joined! It may take me a bit to figure out how it all works for sure but it looks easy enough. Not sure if I even put this blog in right topics but thought I give it a try....more
@victorias_view Thanks so much, will look in to it all. :)more