orders met

Well its been kind of quite on the orders fron on getting orders for home made items, and then today hit. I got a tutu & hair bow order, 2 blankets orders, a custom onsie and matching big brother tie shirt, and 50 cupcakes. I hae the most time with the blankets, and i already got the tutu and hair bow done. Tomorrow will be dedicated to the onsie and toddler t. The cupcakes (half strawberry cheese cake and half chocolate strawberry) will be made on friday for a baby shower. and i still have to figure out what i am getting or making the mom to be. ...more

cupcakes..... so many cupcakes

My ninas (god mothers) daughter is pregnat with a baby girl, so i am tasked with making 50 cupcakes. So Since this is a baby girl half will be strawberry cup cakes with cheese cake piped on top, the 2nd half is still debaitable. i am thinking vanilla and some cute baby faces or chocolate with a white fondute diaper looking top. I love messy cup cakes, but i think i will keep these clean and cute. Any ideas for the best possable baby shower cup cakes?...more

Making Christmas Gifts

So to make life simple i am doing family Christmas gifts this year. Since I have a large family and my husband is the oldest of eight kids (6 still live at home). So buying gifts for that many kids can get costly. So this simple idea is also easy to ship.  ...more

i smell like a strawberry

well tomorrow is the day we binge eat turkey and ham toped with mashed potatos and cranberry sauce. So we will not forget the dessert that just pushes us over the top. ...more
Tip for the pies in mason jars, use the short ones. Line the jars in the dough and fill half way ...more

a person's a person, no matter how small

best quote to end world premature day on"a person's a person, no matter how small"We were blessed to have Alana here who wanted to come at 29 weeks on March 23, 2011, who has her big brother Dustin watching over from heaven who came at 21 weeks on June 29, 2010. Devon at 8 weeks in Oct 2008 & Regan and Rylee at 10 weeks Dec 2009...more

book list

I own a nook, since my husband said my books were taking up so much space. Well i am currently saving for a laptop to do school work on, but i was really looking forward to using the NOOK study on my nook, come to find out that it only works on laptops. not even tablets. This is annyong since the nook study is for e-textbooks and having my nook on my desk would be awesome vice having a laptop open, and i dont even have that at this point. So i went to look up how much my books for winter sesion will cost. This is one class mind you. and the required books come to just over $200. URG!!!...more

sweet treats

Well luckly i am not a stress eater, i am a stress baker. So during all the babies nap times i have been trying out new treats to get ready for thanksgiving. Also getting a menu together for others who want to buy pie local. I made stawberry mini pies and caramel apple cheese cake cupecakes. Just worked on minis this week but i can make full sized also. This week i also have to register for class for winter session. Between baby, pies, cupcakes, and class this is a busy week. ...more

the meaning of a name

I met a girl the other day who told me about her life, as a mother of 3 children ranging from 2 months to 8 years old and her struggle with an alcoholic husband. Even that the night before our meeting he spent the night in a cell and she wanted to try and guide him in the correct direction. She seemed so hopeful and focused on God and wish her the best on her journey. This woman was another reminder of the things you wouldn't know when you look at someone. It was a view at a strong woman and mother and wife. She was the embodiment of why I picked my name. The many hats everyone fills....more

50 day count down

Well 50 days till Christmas, its almost nothing in crafty time. Luckily this year for Thanksgiving I am only making mashed potato's, sweet yams and a few pies, not all of dinner. So most my focus in on Christmas, since it is my baby girls 1st one. ...more


  So Halloween is over and all the decorations are down. It was a crazy few days. So setting up a full haunted maze filled with zombies. And of course plenty of home baked goods for the zombies to eat. Christmas crafts will be up before, still getting use to the blogging world.   So it started with nutter butter ghost, simple to make and fun to make. This was my 1st time melting chocolate and the 2nd batch went better then the 1st. Let it fully cool while string before microwaving it again....more