Time for Solids- How to introduce and make your own baby food!

I received the Baby Bullet as a gift! I do believe that the product is worth the money but if you have a blender or a food processor then you can read the following information about How To and make your own baby food. You will want to purchase some freezable containers for the food that you can find at Babies R Us. These will have a measure on them so that you can make the right portion amounts ahead of time and always have fresh baby food on hand. Let's Get Started! ...more

Baby Basics: How to Care for a baby!

Here are the Baby Basics you will need to know for taking care of your newborn. It is a very scary thought that you will be responsible for another persons life. Let's face it controlling our own lives is difficult enough. Much of the following is common sense but it never hurts to add more knowledge. Follow these guidelines on how to take care of a baby and you will do just fine. Many of the things that you will need to know are here in this article but really its important to follow your instinct first. No matter what anyone else tells you....more

My Pregnancy Journal and Advice!

Here are the products that you will need to help ease 9 {10} months of pregnancy: Bio Oil or Obliphica Intensive Serum- This is great for your belly bump to stay moisturized. Not just for hopes of trying to prevent stretch marks which I beleive are hereditary but for the insane itch that comes with the skin stretching. These will ease that itch which may end up preventing the stretch marks....more

Message to Mommies-to-be!

Still recovering physically after child birth & the stress of pregnancy, you are in awe to find out that it isnt over. It has only begun. You think that once you give birth your body will become yours again and you can finally rest. Ya Right! Think Again. Its now time to wake up every 2 hours no matter what time of the day and feed, change and soothe your baby. ...more

How to Organize & Fold Baby Clothes!

How to fold & store baby clothes!...more

The Miscarriage!

I thought that after I would give birth to my beautiful daughter that this would finally be easy to talk about. But it isnt. I do however have a promise I made to this blog & myself to be honest. I know that someone will feel better after reading this and thats why I do it. ...more

Labor & Delivery 101

The last few weeks leading up to your delivery can be some of the longest days you ever live. A few things will happen that prepare you for the delivery of your baby. Most women go into labor between 37-42 weeks. They begin to feel Braxton Hicks {cramping pain that can feel like contractions in abdomen and lower back} that help get the lower body ready for delivery. You may also realize that you have lost your Mucus Plug {a plug made up of membranes that help keep the uterus closed and protected}. Losing your mucus plug is a bit frightening when you arent sure what it is....more

The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist!

The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist!   ...more