Bombshell from Britain: Moms Can Work!

I first visited England in the early 90s when I was in business school, acutely aware of gender bias in the workplace and at home. I was struck -- astonished in fact -- by how openly disparaging British society is to women, particularly mothers. Particularly in comparison to the relative equality women enjoy in the United States. ...more

Very interesting article and writing to you from UK where I am a mum and work as a psychologist. ...more

What the Show "Parenthood" Says About Working Moms

After spending several weeks focusing on the challenges of a working mom, a recent episode of the new and somewhat uneven NBC drama Parenthood delivered a complicated take on a mother who seems conflicted about having left her career to raise her children. ...more
The show (and these comments) gloss over the fact that the decision to stay at home or not is ...more