Boy or Girl?

All the women in my family since who knows when have always had daughters for their first child. Though, I learned in school that it is the man's sperm that makes the deciding fact over boy or girl I always assumed I would be like the previous women in my family and have a daughter as my first born child. Boy was I ever wrong! ...more

Making friends with the porcelein throne

The only thing I can really say about morning sickness is this, "Why do they call it morning sickness when it's all day long?" ...more

Telling friends and family

After Daniel and I found out we would be expecting we knew we had to tell our friends and family. Although, it may sound silly we told all of our friends first. It was good practice for us and easier than telling family. Of course as most friends do they were happy for us and wished us the best. After about a week or so of knowing we were pregnant Daniel decided it was important for us to tell our families. I was still young myself so I told Daniel I was kind of too scared to tell them. So, Daniel decided he would go with me and tell them. He was dropping me off and decided to come in....more

Welcome to Mommyhood

I will never forget the day I first found out that I would be entering a whole new chapter of my life. It was November 3rd, 2005. At the time I had only been in a relationship with Daniel for 4 months. I was also just 17 years old and a senior in high school. I never expected for something like this to happen to me. It was unplanned of course, I had been taking the pill for months now so I thought it was safe. I also have irregular periods so it's difficult to tell when and if I am ovulating. I deeply believe I suffer from PCOS. None the less though I found myself at a crossroads....more