10 Blunt Truths- Are You Ready To Be A Mom?

So you think you are ready? You have some practice under your belt. Got a niece or nephew, might have done some babysitting, or even have a friend who you hang out with a lot and has the most adorable and well behaved child you just adore, that's practice right? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I myself, once said even having over ten years of Nanny experience, I knew what I was getting myself into. I also had a child live with me for a few months. Not the same. No way. No how!...more

Babies: On A Moving Suicide Mission

They always say "Curiosity killed the cat" Well, who is this curiosity person? Honestly, they either knew too much about cats, disliked cats, or knew not a darn thing about babies in motion! A baby in motion will always wreak havoc! Even before I became a mother I knew this as a Nanny. Within .000005 seconds a child can destroy something or hurt themselves. I honestly believe someone should have said that "Curiosity killed the kid".   ...more