Learning to be Consistent in my Homeschool

I am the worst person in the world when it comes to consistency. Always have been. I start a weight loss or exercise program and I quit....more

Sell Your Blog Content and #Writing #Reprints Over and Over Using My Resource!

WHEW! It's finally in print! I started working on this puppy in 2009 before my 5th kidlet Samuel was born ....more

Microwave Cake in a Cup #CakeInACup

So for some reason I whipped out this recipe on Sunday. I have had this recipe since my stepmom Nancy emailed it to me in 2008. Two thousand eight, people ....more

Tips for Driving in #Houston, #Texas

I was warned by several people about driving in Texas. And I remember being a kid and my parents would drive in Colorado and there were a lot of Texas drivers for some reason there and they mostly drove like idiots. So I was all prepared to get into some sort of traffic accident or something with someone who was not paying attention in Texas ...And ..... ....more

How to Make a Summer #Homeschool Plan

It's no secret that I like to have fun with my family. If I had to put myself into a homeschool box, I would probably call myself a Hippie Homeschooler. I am not super-consistent or scheduled; we do have a routine but not a schedule ....more

Phoning it in This Easter

I'm sitting here at my neighbor's house. My neighbor with the six fabulous kids and she has another on the way. She also homeschools ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 18: Visiting Bubbe, Last Beach Day and Goodbyes

Today was very emotional. We drove downtown to see my friend Jennifer Gutierrez's grandma at the assisted living place and took her some Dove dark chocolate since it was her birthday! As we left I got a little teary thinking of my Poppy because some of the rooms where Bubbe lives are like where my Poppy lived while he was dying ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 17: Back to the Beach and a Jellyfish Sting

Tuesday we did some schoolwork then said, "You know what? Let's just go back to Galveston Island State Park. Who wants to brave the traffic into and out of downtown going to the children's museum?" The kids did not want to sit in the car forever and didn't care too much about going to the museum so we headed back to the beach! ...more

Does/Did Your Little Kid Strip Off All Their Clothing to Go to the Bathroom?

Okay, so I took this picture on a whim in the bathroom of Gaido's on Galveston Island, Texas. Sam will probably kill me someday for taking this but it's SO CUTE! He does this EVERY TIME he goes to the bathroom ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 16: Galveston Island State Park

Monday morning we were recovering from a busy weekend so we messed around in the room all morning, did some homeschooling and finally I was able to rouse everyone to hit Galveston Island State Park. We got down there late but were still able to enjoy a few hours of fun! It was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget! ...more