Have Your Next Birthday Party at Sky Zone Kansas City!!!

Once again I must say I love being a mommy blogger! Thanks to Sky Zone Kansas City, Callie is going to get a super fun birthday party there for free! I get to review this awesome place we have been dying to go! ...more

Little Ones Using Imagination Versus Electronics

Igniting Imagination in Your Child Through Creative Play While it is widely known that the early years of your child’s life are essential in helping them learn, develop, and play, sometimes it can be tricky to come up with new and creative ways to hold the attention of your baby or toddler. Rather than give in and give them your Smartphone, a tablet, or similar handheld electronic apparatus, give them something that instead forces them to use what’s arguably their biggest asset - their imagination. Beyond the School Setting While your child probably receives lots of stimulation in a daycare or preschool setting through organized activities and interaction with their peers, it’s up to you to take care of things on your own home turf ....more

Leavenworth Virtual School December Field Trip to Crown Center

At The Coterie Crown Center to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lunch at Crayola Cafe Eva and I love the white Christmas trees and had to get a shot with them My 5 babies posing at Crown Center. The play area always rocks Joel is turning into Mr. Ice Skater .. ....more

#Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets for FREE from 101 #TheFox Kansas City

While running errands yesterday I heard something on The Fox saying CALL NOW to win tickets to something so I whipped out the cell and called. It was busy so I tried a few more times then: "YOU ARE CALLER ...more

My Advanced Healthcare Directive

Dear Aron, Mom, Dad and kids ...i'm proofreading this thing and it's getting me really worked up. i know this might not be binding or whatever but wanted you all to know that if something happens to me i think i prefer to live, however that might be ... on a machine or whatever ....more

More Evidence That I Could Not Be a "School Mom"

Rarely do I have to deal with school lines ... dropping off and picking up ... since I homeschool ....more

A Peek Inside Our Annual #Christmas Lights Drive in #KansasCity

Still loving our new neighbors 4 months in, and as Christmas is fast approaching, I wanted to type something up for them so they know where we go to look at holiday lights so they can pick and choose what they would also like to do. Of course we don't go EVERYWHERE and I will not list every great thing in town. Feel free to comment below with more places to go! ...more

#MommyScouts Pilot Program

So the dudes have Boy Scouts and we need our own thing. We need Mommy Scouts. A few years ago my oldest son was talking to a guy in his Boy Scout troop about something and saying he would have to ask his mom blah blah blah ....more

Kerrie and Crew Wrap-up: Kick-Butt Field Trip, Planning a Vacation

I've been so busy with the family lately and the blog took a backseat ... but here are a couple of posts you can link to and find out what I'm scheming lately! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!Coming up in December is the best field trip day ever, packed with 3 fun activities for the kids and me (I'm learning grammar real good with the kids lately .. ....more