I Hate #WeightWatchers New #SmartPoints and Quit the Paid Plan ... Now What?

Maybe I am just getting old and set in my ways but the new Weight Watchers Smart Points stinks. I've done Weight Watchers for many years off and on and it's like AA .. it's works when I work it ....more

Four Top Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bill #SaveMoney

Four Top Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bill Energy does not come cheap, and with rates always on the rise, more and more homeowners are looking for as many ways as possible to pay less for heating and powering their home. If the idea of saving energy makes you imagine huddling up on the sofa wrapped in all your blankets with the heating system off, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of different things which you can do to reduce the amount of energy you use, without the need to freeze. We’ve listed just a few for you here ....more

Soon-to-Be Discontinued #JamberryNailWraps Going Going Gone List Winter 2016

Get them while you can, because they're...more

#TheKerrieShow is Packing Up and Moving to #CatholicHippieMom

The time has come to start a different blog and put The Kerrie Show (mostly) to rest. If you get posts via email so you never miss one (thanks, Mom, Aron, Cathy and Kay!), I'll let you know soon here via an auto email how to sign up over at Catholic Hippie Mom. I promise I'll make it easy on you! ...more

Best Day Ever at #Catholic #Co-op #CrazyProudMom #SharkDissection #FunSmartMomCommunity

Today was my favorite day so far at our Catholic Homeschool Co-op at Christ the King Academy in Kansas City. My kids are really taking to co-op and it's still strange for me to realize that my 6-year-old and 8-year-old took off at recess without even telling me goodbye so they could go to storytime, PE and then Science for two hours straight! It really says something about the families in the co-op .. ....more

2015 McLoughlin Family Christmas Letter ... #Funnoying?

Thought you might enjoy seeing our 2015 Christmas letter. I strive for a balance of informing and entertaining without being braggy or annoying. I'm not sure I hit it every year but it gives me a good record of what we did that year so I can pop a copy in our binder ....more

Important Traits of a Good Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor to Look For

Everyone gets sick from time to time. Hopefully, you and your family are blessed with good health. Unfortunately, you can never be too sure when you or a loved one will suffer from an illness that will make life miserable ....more

The Lovely Candy Company Review #Candy #Yum #GF

Here was my post with my pre-review about The Lovely Candy company, which includes all the links for purchase and information. Now it's time to get down to the REAL review, peeps. The scoop ....more

Moscato and Emergen-C ... Healthy Alcohol!

Okay, so I discovered something cool. Maybe it's been done before but I figured it out on my own and dig it! I RARELY drink alcohol ....more

Shopping for Clothes for Children on a Budget

Shopping for clothes for children can be quite a hit to the family budget. Moving through the new trends, changing of seasons and children growing quickly, we can find ourselves constantly spending lots of money on new items. Although some might think that the only way to refresh your kid’s wardrobe is to get brand new clothing while emptying your wallet, the truth is that you don’t need to spend so much to purchase good, quality products ....more