The Big News At My House Right Now!!!

No, I am not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way.But I did kinda give birth, in my own little writer world. I got the 6th edition of my ebook of parenting and family writing markets and helps uploaded to as the Kindle edition ....more

Guest Blogger: Stop Judging Big Families, Please

Today I have a guest blogger. Okay, so she didn't set out to be that, but she ALWAYS says the best stuff on Facebook but doesn't have a lot of interest or time to mess with making her own blog. I simply MUST get some of her stories out there for the world, though! ...more

#WeightLoss Tip This Week: Don't Beat Yourself Up #MoscatoMozzarellaMommy

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge February 10, 2015Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is ... DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!I went to this week's weigh-in knowing I was not going to lose any weight and I was okay with that. I have discovered Moscato wine after being a lifetime non-drinker and enjoy a glass a night now so that adds food points to my life ....more

#Jamberry Discontinued List Spring 2015

Here is the Jamberry Going Going Gone! List for Spring 2015. These wraps are going bye bye forever on February 28, 2015 so get them while they last! ...more

A Full Pantry and Freezer Make Me Happy #TaterTotCasserole

I love when I can stay within my grocery budget and stock up my house with food for my large family. It goes fast, believe me! And here is the shameless plug for my Tater Tot Casserole Ebook for only 99 cents ....more

Want to Lose Weight? Don't Deprive Yourself!

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge January 27, 2015Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!No, this does not mean every Hershey Kiss in the bag. It means if you are dying for a Kiss, have a freaking Kiss. Figure out the points for, say, 3 Kisses and take the points and enjoy those Kisses ....more

I Used to Hate Mondays #ILoveMondays

I used to hate Mondays so badly. I know my husband doesn't enjoy them! That's because the kids are so awesome and he loves hanging with them over the weekends! ...more

How to Start a Recycling Program For Your Community

How To Start A Recycling Program For Your Community It’s the New Year and perhaps one of your resolutions was to improve yourself and the world around you. Increasing awareness about landfills and the overuse of resources in your community might make you think about the need for a recycling program, but with such a huge task, where do you even begin? If you are ready to make a difference, here are some tips to help you turn your town into a recycling community ....more

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge January 20, 2015

Here's where I posted how I signed up for 12 weeks of Weight Watchers (not my first rodeo with them) and hope to lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. The first few weeks loss is fast but after that it gets harder to maintain and treats are super tempting sometimes and willpower does fail. I love how I have the extra 49 points per week built in to my plan for times I am dying for a cookie, cake, burger, whatever.So I set out this morning to weigh in for the 2nd time and knew I could not stay for the meeting because we have our 2nd or 3 homeschool testing days at our house so I had to get home fast ....more