32585 Harmony Road in Paola, Kansas, I am Now in Love With You

So this happened where I fell in love with a house and we even went to see it even though Mr. Kerrie doesn't want to live in Missouri and now that we do virtual school and Missouri has crap options neither do I, BUT then the new owner was like on the movie Good Will Hunting where he was like, "I GOT HER NUMBAH!"So I'm sitting here in Houston waiting for the new owner of THIS house to tell me they bought it. And I will be happy for them but could you please, new owner, like check in from time to time? ...more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 11: Whataburger, Armand Bayou Nature Center & My Book in Print!

Today was TONS OF CHILLING IN THE MORNING until I could not stand it anymore and we headed out for some fun. First stop: WHATABURGER! Look for the orange and white roof! ...more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 10: Houston Zoo, Meeting Family(!), Weight Watchers and New German Friends

Day 10 in Houston found us heading Downtown again and getting familiar with the 45 to the 610 (love that highway for reals) and the 288. So many highways! I'm getting the hang of it here though! ...more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 8: Mass, Galveston Island and Gaido's

Sunday was gorgeous so we went to church, went back to the hotel for lunch, then drove down to Galveston Island, and it took less than half an hour to get there! The day can only be described as MAGICAL. My parents have taught me an appreciation for cool old houses that started in Manitou Springs, CO ....more

Why Do We Need a Space Program???

As usual, I am talking out of my butt here, so bear with me. I just think things up like a normal society member and said things come out of my mouth. Then you tell me I'm wrong and point me to some great sites with great information to prove me wrong and there we go ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 5: Cinderella and Nassau Bay

This lovely day started with my eyes popping open at 6 a.m. Ran down the stairs to grab some coffee and started working while Mr. Kerrie got ready for work. Listened to vintage Real Housewives of NYC (Bethenny!) while I got some stuff done online ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 7: Chillin' Out in the Rain and the Spongebob Movie

Saturday was for sure just a hanging out day, which everyone needs from time to time! Joel and Callie doing some morning hot tub chillin' followed by the kids swimming in the rain with hotel friends I supervised from my perch under a poolside patio. Checking out my potential office in my current outdoor office in Houston ;-) This is a house in Paola we fell in love with but it's too expensive, sadly ....more

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 6: Johnson Space Center, Annie & Rude People

We started the day by ... doing a lot of hanging out. Some homeschooling and then I did the final proofing of my ebook to turn it into a print book and off it went.We hit the Taco Cabana on the way for some lunch! ...more

Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas = ASTOUNDING and Worth Every Penny!

The Johnson Space Center was, in one word, AMAZEBALLS.Here are some pics! We saw a little educational movie, toured all sorts of neat artifacts, mock-ups and more and went on a 1.5-hour tour of the facility. There were 2 other, different tours, and someday I want to go back with Mr ....more