How to Have a Happy #Thanksgiving

1. Wake up and think of all the things you're grateful for.2. Continue to think of all those things all day long, even if a family member makes you want to throw the gravy across the room.3. Try to keep smiling and try not to stress eat..4. When you are away from your family who may or may not annoy you, watch your favorite TV show or do your favorite hobby, like reading or scrapbooking or woodworking or WHATEVER. Try not to comfort eat.5. Consider going for a walk after dinner.6. Check out these awesome Thanksgiving crafts my kids made at their homeschool co-op ....more

"Make Money to Write About Your Kids" #FREE DAYS (always free on Kindle Unlimited)

**If you are coming to this post after November 28th, 2015, keep in mind you can still get this book FREE on Kindle Unlimited. You pay about $9.99 per month to download 10 books at a time that are enrolled in the KU program. You can turn one in and get another ....more

How to Avoid a Sleepless Night

I love sleep. Who doesn't? But it's difficult to sleep well when your body is on a crappy mattress and your head and neck are on an even crappier pillow ....more

The Lovely Candy Company Pre-Review

I'm so excited to the opportunity to sample and review six different candies from The Lovely Candy Company! Here is some information about the company. I love that it's gluten-free because then I can easily share with our gluten-free friends and neighbors ....more

#RoyalCelebration Recap Part Two #FriendlyBlueWalkingDead

PLEASE don't kill me for taking so long to post this! My mom is riding my case about it so here you go! You can thank her if you were waiting for part two! ...more

Casual Aging

I don’t care if you get plastic surgery or inject fillers into any part of your body. That’s your business and your money and your body. The thought of a needle in my face to plump out my wrinkles freaks me out ....more

#Free #Ebook Fun, Frugal and Green Christmas With Kids 11/6-11/10/15

Please enjoy my latest ebook offering! It's a compilation of some of my parenting magazine articles with some other fun things thrown in like recipes. I hope it makes you giggle at some point.You don't have to have a Kindle to get the free download ....more

How to Cope with a Colicky Baby

Babies are supposed to smile and coo before drifting off to sleep in your arms, so ending up with a baby that screams blue murder for hours at a time, for no apparent reason, is enough to drive even the most laid-back parent to the brink of insanity. And if this is your first child, it is even harder to cope. Royalty free photo Colicky babies are a nightmare ....more

5 Books That Changed the World and so Will Change You

There are millions of books in this world, but just a small part of them made an enormous impact on the world’s history or even on people’s lives. And below in this article you will be presented with five such books you should also read! They might change your life a little bit too! ...more