Spirituality of Motherhood

I recently had a discussion with several friends about the spiritual pros and cons of motherhood (or parenthood really, although these were all women.) Specifically, we discussed how becoming a mother both boosts and challenges our religious faiths and spiritual practices. This was a pretty diverse group - three different Christian denominations, a Buddhist, an agnostic yoga-lover, and me, probably best described as ’spiritual but unaffiliated’ (at least that’s how ...more

Indigo Children - Truth or Fiction?

The term, ‘Indigo children’ refers to a popular belief within the New Age community that most of the children being born today are part of a new stage in human evolution, and that they posses certain specific traits designed to help them deal with the challenges humanity will face in coming generations. Proponents of this theory believe that many of the children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are actually part of this new generation, and that their education and care needs to be handled in a certain way so that they can manifest their gifts to their highest potential. ...more

This has less to do with specifically indigos and more about energy work and gifted children in ...more

New Book - Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality

There's a new book out called Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality that I am recommending to everyone I know. I am surprised it hasn't gotten more attention yet, considering its subject matter, and the intensity of the religion-fueled 'culture wars' in this country. ...more

Is There a Separate Spirituality for Women?

Is there a separate spirituality for women? ...more

I wrote about some of these issues in my book Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter ...more