I Seriously HATE Him Right Now!!!!

So something happened with my kids, and his mom can get a hold of him, yet he still hasn't called. His mother and I don't exactly have the greatest relationship, but I sent her a text asking to have him call me because something happened with the kids... Still no call. I'm over here balling my eyes out... Why?! They aren't his kids, but he's been here raising them and call him daddy and is they only dad that they know. I can't believe he won't even call me to talk about them. I guess he hates me that much. I just really need him right now and it's killing me....more

You HAVE To Listen To This Song!!! It's Perfect For Me Right Now...

I have never heard this song before (and I LOVE P!nk) but this is the perfect song, and the video to go with it! I don't believe him! I think he will be back (he's come back before). I want to remind him he said we'd never be apart. It's heartbreaking, but right now, I just want to keep playing it, and thought I'd share it with people who might be going through the same or similar situation I am in....more

Get Out Of My Dreams!!!

Seriously, it isn't enough that he is in my every waking moment, but now taking over my dreams! The little sleep that I do get, why do I still have to be thinking about HIM. I mean, today I was trying to sleep before work, and next thing I know he walked in the door and told me he brought me pizza!!! I got right up to scream at him, but he wasn't here... It was so real though! I didn't even realize I woke up from a dream :'( I wish he would have never left. I'm so lost without him. I still can't sleep, still can't eat, I'm literally getting dillusional....more

"The Bed" Is Too Depressing

So am I the only one who is pathetic enough that I can't sleep in "the bed"? I can't stand being in there and looking at his empty side of the closet, his dresser, or even worse, his side of the bed. "The bed" where we shared our most personal and intimate times, where he would hold me for hours, where we loved eachother the most. I know that I keep rambling on about him, but I can't bring myself to stop obsessing over him, and this is helping me vent....more

Feeling So Lost, When Will This Stop

So this is day  3 of him being gone... Day 3 and still not a word from him. He doesn't have a phone so I can't call him. I can't believe that all of this is happening right now. How can you ignore someone and put them through so much agony? Someone that you made vows with and promised to love? I mean, does he even think about me. I don't think he is. If he was thinking about me, then he would call, don't you think? ...more
And I am just wondering, am I the only one who just can't bear to sleep in "the bed" while he's ...more

My Top 10 Breakup Songs

So most couple have love songs as their "song". Mine and my husbands song was always Patience by Guns N Roses (I love them!). Maybe we should have never been married if this was our song in the first place. This song is dedicated to my patience when he takes off, and allowing him to come back... I know, it's stupid. I can't stop listening though! Am I really going to let him come back this time? I don't think I should. He hurts me when he does this, but I feel as if he's just being selfish and thinking about himself, not thinking about how I feel......more
I'm trying to think of some more songs, anybody have any that has helped them?more

My Husband Is a Ghost... Divorce... Don't Want One, but I Should,

Ok, I'm new to this whole blog thing, but I need some way to vent and get some feedback from people other than my family and friends who always just tell me to "leave him". It's not that easy for me. Here it goes:...more
No one responded to you previously, I will though. This isn't commitment and this isn't ...more