My Dear Blogger Friends: Be Nice!

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Happy Fourth Of July

It has been over 10 years since I have landed to this country. I knew nothing of the country and had never set foot in the USA before I moved here. Television was my only window to what America had to offer. I chose to come here, sadly, based on the fact that I knew no-one here and wanted an adventure. Although many commended the bravery in the move I knew it was based on not such profound decisions. ...more

5 Blogging Lessons I Have Learned!

Blogher is a month away but the blogging talk is filling the air. First I was excited about the conference and then the word got out about the parties at night. Can you believe some evenings have 5 or more parties? Then there are public parties and some private ones (ooh the tension mounts as to whether you can get invited to one). To top it all Mommy Niri got accepted to join the Ford Ride and Drive program, you will have to ...more

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For BlogHer ‘09

As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series I am going to delve on something into something that has been playing on my mind BlogHer 09 (for those not in the know, and I can’t believe anyone would not know especially if you are a reader of Mommy Niri, BlogHer is the Women’s blogging conference).  I await the BlogHer conference (a special shout ...more

To The Father Of My Girls

I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) and I blog. My darling husband is not fond of expensive gifts and our budget can’t quite afford it so I decided to surprise him with writing a Father’s Day post on him. Knowing my hubby he may just be a tad embarrassed by this gesture, but I am hoping he overcomes it enough to like it. So to the man who is the father of my two girls: ...more

Leave Our Dora Alone


Passing On My Prejudices

Passing On My Prejudices ...more

5 Reasons I Love Being A Mom!

As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series, here is the next installment.     ...more

5 Reasons Why Moms Deserve Oscars

Mommy Niri posts a Friday 5 series at her blog Mommy Niri.  1. We manage to (somehow) get the kids bundled and in the car, in one-piece and (amazingly) on-time. ...more