Easy-To-Make Valentine's Day Kids Goodie Bags

We all know how much I love Halloween but, since having kids I have also fallen in love withValentine’s Day…it brings out my inner Martha Stewart (well on a lower scale that is). And because we love saying how much we are happy to our friends, why not give our classmates some sweet treats during this day of love.  But what is a none-crafty-crafter suppose to do with two kids in school??!  No worries…simply copy my easy to make goody bags and your ‘lil one will be loved forever by his classmates....more

Why We Don’t Like Peanuts (and not the kind you think!)

This post comes after I have read several parenting sites complain about the annual special “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” segueing into the steamy sex scene from “Scandal”. While I agree that it was indeed an oversight, I do believe that another issue should be addressed...Everything about Charlie Brown and friends is depressing, crude and annoying! Which is why you are banned from my home!  ...more

A Week Into Mom Approved Outfits

This has been one busy week, from taking care of a toddler that came down with a stomach bug to attending an after hour networking events, nonetheless I wanted to share with you a couple outfits from my week.  Notice that my outfits are affordable and accessible, basically mom approved.  Click under each photo for details on each thing I am wearing. What are you wearing this week?...more
These outfits are just right :) great tips girl.more

My 8 Steps To Being A Happier Mom

While there are tons of help books on becoming a mother, its still does not prepare you for what’s about to come. Lack of sleep, work/life balance, sibling rivalry (if there’s more in your clan) or to finding your mom-jo  isn’t something that can be written or we can prepare ourselves for. Just how you deal with it, is the answer!Starting a family later in life, did I think maybe I knew what I was getting myself into, but nope, not anything that my other mom friends had recommended for my newborn did my first or even second one love.  Not one kid is the same, nor parenting style, so here are my 8 steps that I’ve picked up in my years of motherhood that has me and more happy wife,  friend and mother:...more

The Day I Gave Up Breastfeeding

The morning of Lil T’s first birthday, I was sad and lonely…not only was I sad that my youngest was now considered a toddler, but this was the day that I deemed the last day of breastfeeding – forever.Since my husband and I decided not to extend our family anymore and knowing that Lil T was going to be my last baby, I felt the need to go the extra mile with him.  Savoring every moment was simply an understatement. And breastfeeding was simply the easiest way of not letting go....more

What To Expect During Your First Mammogram

With an amazing husband, two incredible children, and the blink of an eye later, I’m here, at the age of 40.  Turning 40 has also been a series of first for me.  From incorporating a healthy lifestyle, friend detoxing and going through my first mammogram.  ...more

The Reality Show That Spoke To My Soul

Remember her as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on “The Simple Life”???image via vh1 ...more