2015: 1

Late start, again… Here’s my Project 52 humble beginning ....more

That’s one handsome hubs

Yes, he’s mine ....more

The flow

“Mom, I got my period.” She says as though receiving a report card she’d been waiting on....more

The little school house gig

Ri’s first major photoshoot wasn’t exactly what I’d expected. We set out early to the hotel destination for hair and make up long before our scheduled call time. Sitting downstairs in the rental car, I contemplated calling our magazine contact early ....more

Boys, boys, boys!


Christmas 2014

This was one I’d like to be done with. The concerns about Santa – would he come, was behavior suitable, does he have what I really want (but didn’t tell a soul about)? – were looming ....more

Rocking into 2015



103.6 That was your temperature at its peak. Hot to the touch, warmth unnaturally radiating. You, dormant and melancholy, cling to me ....more

six word Fridays: Reason

It stands to reason this season there’s a little more to it than presents, vacation time, and decorations. Yes, fancy luminations brighten the night and those odd shaped surprises intrigue (bet you wonder what’s wrapped there) But I remember a time when Christmas included church prayers at midnight – – When we sat in our jammies In the soft lit sanctuary together, an elder thanking God for all requested, received, and even what’s denied. I wondered then, ‘Why praise Him ? ...more

This is six

Favorite color blue Favorite food fish sticks Favorite book Lightening McQueen Favorite TV show Spongebob Favorite team Falcons Favorite activity chess… uh, Hot Wheels… no, reading… ok, drawing pictures. Wears size 1 shoe, size 6 clothes Current School Grade One Favorite subject math Future career goal dump truck driver Quote“Mom, I’m hungry.” Favorite Song Everything is Awesome Favorite Movie Robots Clothing style mismatched socks Favorite sport to play football Favorite sport to watch football Favorite toy Lego ...more