For the Burds



Long are the days and short is the time to document all the events of our very busy lives. So much has changed in our family dynamic and though silence has been the assumed response, I want to shout in frustration. I’ve never been much of a private person ....more

SEQA 100 – a quick discussion on comic strips and comic books

Asked: “Comic strips have a larger mainstream acceptance in the United States than comic books. More people read a comic strip on a daily basis than read a comic book. They are two very different forms of storytelling, and yet they share a lot of similarities ....more

Interview with the 7 year and 317 day old

Preferred name: Yadon Favorite color: blue Favorite sport: football Favorite thing to do outside: ride my bike Favorite thing to do inside: watch TV Favorite saying (motto): Never give up Favorite school subject: social studies What do you like about summer: no school Best friend: Micah Dream vacation: the artic mountains – I want to build a snow fort Dream job: Lego designer Best vacation to date: Tennessee because I got to… That’s hard. Sorry, not my favorite. King’s Creek because I got to go to a water park and somewhere called the Island ....more

Interview with the teen artist

What is your current age: 13 going on 30. Don’t put that, haha. What is your favorite television show:...more

Interpreting color intent

This was an assigned discussion for my second design class, Color Theory. ...more

Two for tulips

The weather man lied...more

Waiting too long

I sit on this bench,...more