Blizzard cometh {Day 6}

The streets are beginning to look like they’re paved again. Slushy pockets of stubborn snow are filthy brown reminders of the weekend weather system that shut us down. The sidewalks, poorly shoveled two days ago, are finally open passages wide enough to walk through ....more

Blizzard cometh

The flakes began Wednesday night, not Friday as they’d said....more

New year, same school

Welcome back hardly seems like the appropriate greeting at 7 am as my bleary eyed students slowly trudge into class. Some have changed drastically since last I saw them – new hair, new body modifications, new clothes. Others are the same high schoolers I said farewell to in December ....more

Failure to concede

I’m racking my mind trying to figure out what could’ve made this morning different. It was such a simple trip — picking up a few non perishables for our long awaited getaway....more


She told. Without even being cornered, she told him the exact present he so desires is coming in triplicate....more

Happy 3rd birthday, baby!


Guest Post: I forgive you

Skye is a former student of mine. She’s a writer, a dreamer, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend. ...more

This moment

Little miss was particularly fussy today. She’s finally sleep, in her usual spot on my bed. She clings to my shirt, drawing little breaths as eyes flutter ....more

Monkey in the middle

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a series of projects all leading up to a pattern design for my SCAD DESIGN 100 class. Multiple sketches, drafts, reworks and tweaks are expected and encouraged in this course. Nothing is right the first time and the greatest learning comes from failure… or so it seems ....more