Weening off.

She toys with a nipple between her fingers. Her eyes survey my face looking for approval. I repeat again, “no, no, no.” She cries ....more

Sand and Surf

The tides were high today, waves crashed into the rocks along the shore and carried seaweed, broken tree limbs, and assorted sea creatures onto land. The sun – less intense than in days past – still carried an intense yellow glow that cast upon us. Ri insisted on taking her shoes off, toying with the sand between her toes ....more


She is a bit obsessed with all thing Anna (of Disney’s Frozen). Elsa? Who is that? ...more

J turns 9


Weather Heat Advisory: 105

Thirty minutes filling balloons for 5 minutes of explosive fun and wet relief ....more

Return to Watkins Park

Carousel rides are the best ....more

Sincerely sixteen

I’m told boys don’t have sweet sixteens. Anything considered sweet is feminine,...more


I stare at the words on the page Willing them to pause in their dance So I might see what they have to tell me Their movements blur the message I am lost, without translation What secrets am I missing, Bound in black on white page? I strain my eyes, beg them to focus But I cannot see ....more

Buried alive: the MRI

Before laying down, I’m fitted with a football helmet styled mask over my face, it’s soft support sponges anchoring my head in one position. “Have a kid-friendly nap in their… there’s nothing else to do,” the tech says as I’m rolled on a conveyor belt into the cylindrical coffin. I’m relaxing, loosely holding the panic device she’s handed me....more

FROZEN: No smiles, no frowns.

Everywhere we go, Ri is on high alert for all things Frozen....more