The Christmas Song

Channel 17. Channel 17 is the Sirius Christmas channel. I've been listening to it for five days straight. Granted I don't actually commute to work in my car. I live 10 minutes from work and I only go into the office three days a week. Still, the Christmas music channel is significant because in my youth I didn't much care for Christmas music unless it was somehow angst ridden, "Do You Know It's Christmas?" "Rebel Jesus," "Someday at Christmas." Yes that last one is from Stevie Wonder but angst ridden none-the-less....more

Twice as Modest

S and N are the most modest six year olds I've ever met. Prior to turning six they were the most modest five year olds I'd ever met.At the beach they'd want me to close all the doors to the mini van so they could change in the car without anyone seeing them. I'd have to wrangle a compromise (so they wouldn't suffocate) by hanging towels across the open doors.Now they don't even want the other to see them changing. Ironic because, as identical twins, they already know what the other looks like naked. ...more

Awkward Moments

I hate that awkward Sienfeld moment when you're leaving the elementary school and there's some parent waiting to be buzzed into the building and you want to do the polite thing and hold the door but they don't have clearance from the office to enter yet; and even though they look vaguely familiar you don't know if that's because their child was in the same 3rd grade class as yours or if it was their mug being forwarded around on FB last night under the header "level 3 sex offended moves into the school district."...more

So Cozy! Why Leg Warmers Are the Best Winter Accessory

All Flashdance jokes aside (you know, I never actually saw that movie), the leg warmer is, in my opinion, the most underappreciated and valuable winter accessory of all time. Well, maybe they're number two to a warm hat, but they rank way up there on the list. ...more
SherryAnnHensley I'd love to see your fashionable leg warmers! I have an everyday pair (they are ...more

Day 10: Turkey Shoot

Spent a good portion of the weekend with H at the boy scout camp in Yarmouth for the camp's annual Turkey Shoot. Although no actual turkeys were shot I can still clearly envision my liberal, left-leaning self rolling over in its early grave.For the record H didn't hit the target once in bb guns (he faired significantly better in archery), so I think it's safe to assume that the wild turkeys who sometimes visit our yard are safe - at least for this year....more

Playdate Excuses

C has a buddy, we'll call him Jack, every now and then Jack's parents call to arrange play dates. First they called to let us know what day Jack's birthday party was being planned for. "Darn," I say, C can't come because he's participating in a bocce festival - you know - bocce? It's a lawn game played by retired Italian gentlemen or drunk college students at Bertucci's. The next time they texted to see if C could come over we were half way up Mount Washington. "Sorry, C can't come over, we're hiking Tuckerman's Ravine. Unusually good cell phone reception up here…"...more

Election Dejection

If question 2 had failed by a 60 / 40 margin I think I could handle it. But knowing that you don't think the same as 73% of the population - there's something unsettling about that. Like I live in some sort of alternate universe or something, and an unpopular alternative universe at that....more

The Trouble with Advent Calendars

Despite having spent almost $40 on advent calendars I am still being asked the question children have pestered parents with since red-velvet coats and flying reindeer were first conceived: "how many days until Christmas?"I get it - the idea behind the advent calendar is to let kids know how many days until the big pay off - so they'll stop asking their parents every five minutes.But the sad truth is that they don't work.And here's why.They are made wrong....more

What's Your (Name) Story?

My son C is writing a letter to a player on the varsity basketball team via a pen pal program initiated by one of his teachers. His opening paragraph is about his name, what it means (faithful, in Hebrew), and why his parents chose it (named for great, great uncle)....more

The Pediatric Dentist: Disneyland with a Dental Chair

Today we went to the dentist. Not just any dentist though - a pediatric dentist. Because H had a cavity, our usual dentist recommended this switch as the environment at the pediatric dentist "might be more relaxing."How oh how have I survived these eleven years of parenting without experiencing the bliss that is a visit to the pediatric dentist?...more